Thursday, December 29, 2011

MuchMusic: Rob & Taylor among 2011′s Hottest Guys

Much Music has created their lists of the Top 10 Hottest Guys and Hottest Girls of 2011 and Rob and Taylor both are on the list!
7) Robert Pattinson
The boy who sparkles. Edward Cullen, congratulations. With the end of Twilight in sight, he’s awoken the romantic in teen girls everywhere. And of course, he’s taking that longing with him in movies like Water for Elephants and the upcoming Bel Ami.
9) Taylor Lautner
The other Twilight guy. But he’s proved he’s more than just the other Twilight guy; he’s being groomed as Hollywood’s next big action hero. And he’s already got his feet wet with 2011′s Abduction opposite Lily Collins. He just has to wrap up the Twilight romance franchise and he’ll be well on his way.
Via Spunk Ransom

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