Monday, August 31, 2009

Announcements, Announcments & More ANNOUNCEMENTS!!

Wow! There are so many announcements to make, I don't know from where should I start! Well I'll start with school! My school's starting tomorrow and I'm so excited! But the bad news is that I wouldn't be able to give much attension to the blog! I will still keep posting, but less!
One of my friends is going to join this blog to help me keep you guys updated! I don't know when is she joining but I'll let u know as soon as I come to know!
I'm sure you would've noticed the new header! I worked really hard on it! Anyway, I've put up a High School Musical header because it's for our back-to-school special! I'm going to put up HSM news, downloads, pictures & more all this month! Although I will still keep you updated with other Disney gossip!
I've put up a new poll for 'Blog of the month of September'! I've put up all of my favourite blogs! Here are the nominies: (click on the names to go to the site)
1. Disney n Hira
2. Disney Channel Needs 123
3. Disney Channel Needs
4. Disney Source 1
5. Disney Channel Blog (Disney HSM Blog)
6. Disney Star Mania
7. Disney Teen Media
8. Sharing Media Downloads

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Times Of Our Lives Download!

I just bought 'The Times Of Our Lives', which is a new EP of Miley Cyrus! The CD is great! It's deffinately different from her other albums! I love it! My favourite song is 'When I look at you' because I really love ballads! But really, overall the album is wonderful and totally worth buying!

Here are the downloads:

1. Before The Storm (live)-DOWNLOAD
2. Kicking And Screaming-DOWNLOAD
3. Obsessed-DOWNLOAD
4. Party In The USA-DOWNLOAD
5. Talk Is Cheap-DOWNLOAD
6. Time Of Our Lives-DOWNLOAD
7. When I Look At You-DOWNLOAD

Disney's Friends For Change Behind The Scenes Downloads!

Credits to Hr-Encodes

Credits to for the mp4 link

Miley-The Today Show Live Performances Download!

Selena Gomez on Sara Lee Bread!

Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place star Selena Gomez will be appearing on 30 million packages of Sara Lee White Bread soon! The bread packaging will include Selena’s face as a way to market the bread to kids and their families.

This new marketing tactic by Disney joins the numerous other Disney celebrities appearing on food products – including High School Musical Avacados and Hannah Montana Cherries.

Will you be buying the Selena Gomez Sara Lee bread for you or your family?

Behind The Scenes Of Disney's Friends For Change!

In the videos above you can watch Tiffany Thornton as she tells us all about the behind-the-scenes of Disney’s Friends For Change campaign. The behind-behind-the-scenes videos even shows fans the making of the Friends For Change song “Send It On.”

The “Send It On” music video was comprised of Disney Celebrities Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers: Nick, Joe and Kevin.

The 6 celebrities mentioned above weren’t the only ones to work hard on the Disney’s Friends For Change Campaign. There were 30 celebrities working on the project including those mentioned already and Tiffany Thornton. Wow!

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos and let us know what you think!

Taylor Gets Emotional In New York!!

Country superstar Taylor Swift got super emotional at her concert at Madison Square Garden in New York when fans continued to clap for her for over 2 minutes straight!

She looks so happy and she even seems to start tearing up at one point! Afterward while the audience is still clapping she thanks them for what they just did for her.

Check out the super sweet video above and let us know what you think.

Rihanna Sent Taylor Roses!!

Rihanna recently sent flowers to Taylor Swift to wish her good luck on her performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Taylor wrote on her Twitter: “Rihanna sent me roses. How amazing is she?!”

How sweet is that! It’s always nice to see celebrities supporting each other like this – don’t you think?

Miley VH1 Divas Poster!

On September 17th Miley Cyrus will be performing on the VH1 music channel for the stations “VH1 Divas!” concert. Above is the recently released poster, which includes Miley, to promote the performance.

Miley will be joined on stage by popular artists Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Adele and Leona Lewis – who each have their own promotional poster as well.

The concert will be held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, New York and will air at 9PM.

Are you excited for this concert to air on television?

Miley's The Today Show Performance!

Miley’s NEW EP “Time Of Our Lives” is coming out in just a few days! To celebrate, she went on the Today Show and performed one of its songs “Kicking And Screaming”. She was SO excited that many of her fans already knew the words! “Seeing everyone already singing along with my songs from my new record is AWESOME!” Check it out in the video player above and let us know how YOU like it! “Time Of Our Lives” comes out THIS Monday, August 31st. Are YOU gonna get it?! 'Cause I know I am!

Selena Gets Embarassed!! OMG!

Selena Gomez appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! If you missed it, don’t worry! WE have it right HERE for you to watch! Selena is SO excited for Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie which premieres TONIGHT at 8:00 pm on Disney Channel. Jimmy Kimmel EVEN busted out an OLD clip of Selena when she was on Barney years ago! It was pretty funny to see, and Selena got so embarrassed! You have to see it…and comment!

Disney Stars Go Bald!

Hey I got some really hilarious pictures of bald disney stars from! Comment and vote for your favourite one!!
Zac Efron
Vanessa Hudgens
Taylor Swift
Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus
Kevin Jonas
Nick Jonas
Joe Jonas
Demi Lovato
Ashley Tisdale
So which star rocked the 'bald' look the best?!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling Down!

Atlast the wait has ended! Selena's new music video for her first single (Falling Down) of her upcoming album (Kiss & Tell) is atlast released today! You can watch the vid below! I will soon put up a download link! I really love the video! Hope you guys like it too! Enjoy!!


I have a surprise for all you people!! Tomorrow I'm going to put some really cool downloads on my Jonas blog! The downloads will include non-album songs, bonus songs and covers! I will also put downloads of music videos soon! Be sure to check out my Jonas Blog tomorrow to get these really awesome downloads! FOR FREE!! It'll really mean the world to me! Click here to go to the blog now!
P.S I've also put up a rare Jonas picture (above) for this special announcement!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Are The Stars Saying Wednesdays!

Here's the new picture of "What Are The Stars Saying Wednesdays"! I hope you respond this time!

What Are The Stars Saying Wednesdays Winner!!

Luckily this time I got 2 responses. I really appreciate the effort of the people who wrote those cmments! But I was expecting more people to comment! Well anyway the winner is an anonymous person and here's what he/she wrote: OMG! Nick said he thinks about me everyday!! ME!! Take that Miss Miley! (no offense to Miley, Selena or Nick)!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

David Henrie: WOWP The Movie is a no-go!!

After much hype and excitement, David Henrie just announced on his Twitter that his Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premiere is not happening.
The 20-year-old actor shared, “Okay so look… here’s the deal. Bad news. My charity premier idea generated traffic, a lot of traffic, which is a security issue. I’m going to have to cancel it because I can’t hire a small military in the amount of time I have to make sure it’s safe. Plus a venue seating a couple hundred would mean thousands would be turned down. I don’t want any1 upset, so I’m going to have to bow out of this. I wish it could have happened, woulda been dope!”
David continued, “When you have hundreds of thousands of followers then tens out thonsands are going to show and I don’t want any1 hurt…rrrrggggg. I hope every1 still watches the movie and gets excited for it none the less. It’s a blessing to know that so many of u were excited to come.”
Be sure to watch the Wizards Movie THIS Friday, August 28th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel!

National Press Club Luncheon!

Atlast I got the videos from NJO!! All video are from Youtube: Ludafid, there are around 6 parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Miley Cyrus The Time Of Our Lives Preview!

I'm sorry I didn't post this before! I guess it slipped out of my mind or I missed it! But here it is, the album preview of Miley's new EP 'The Time Of Our Lives'!

And here's the track listing:
01. Kicking and Screaming
02. Party in the USA
03. When I look at You
04. The Time of Our Lives
05. Talk Is Cheap
06. Obsessed
07. Before the Storm (Live)
Tell me how'd you like her album? Was it different from her other albums or was it the same?

Ashley Tisdale Masquerade Fan Video!

I found this really cool fan vid of the song 'Masquerade' by Ashley Tisdale! Have you ever made a music video of any song of your favourite singer?

Taylor Swift: Coca-Cola Cutie!

Taylor Swift channels her inner 1940s self as she gets dolled up for a photo shoot in London’s trendy Notting Hill district on Monday morning (August 24).
The 19-year-old songstress looks like a genuine Coca-Cola girl — take a look at some vintage posters and tell us what you think!
During the photo shoot, Taylor snacked on some mini cupcakes and sipped on a glass bottle Coke and afterwards, she couldn’t resist stopping at one of the antique shops.

Miley Cyrus is a Car Tune!

Miley Cyrus belts out a tune playing from the radio as she and momager Tish head over to a studio in Hollywood on Monday afternoon (August 24).
Maybe the 16-year-old starlet was singing because she found her lucky bracelet? Miley tweeted, “Omg! I found my lucky bracelet! It was in the CUP HOLDER in my car! I don’t know and don’t care how it got in there! DOO DA DOO Life’s good.”
Over the weekend, Miley reunited with big sis Brandi, pal Kirsten and Tish by having a girls day out.

Taylor Swift: I don't need a relationship to have good material!

Taylor Swift gets her flirt on in a black and white ruffle dress as she finishes up a photo shoot in London’s Notting Hill district on Monday (August 24).
The 19-year-old songstress was seen paying homage to vintage Coca-Cola posters earlier in the day. Tay and tour pals Caitlin and Liz also stopped in at the Chloe Alberry shope to browse some arty British knobs.
Taylor recently dished to UK’s Love magazine about her song writing process. She shared, “I can write about making eye contact with someone across the room in three seconds. I don’t need a relationship to have good material.”

Ashley Tisdale is Planet Blue Beautiful!

Ashley Tisdale clutches onto her Planet Blue shopping bag and LV Speedy 30 tote, as she does a little retail therapy in Beverly Hills on Monday afternoon (August 24).
The 24-year-old “Hot Mess” hottie, who was joined by mom Lisa, was seen out over the weekend with music video director boyfriend, Scott Speer.
Ash and Scott stopped off for some coffee before having a day-long date at Disneyland. The darling duo even bought some souveniers from the amusement park — Ashley went with a pink princess crown and Scott turned into Captain Jack Sparrow. You can find more Disneyland pics @

David Henrie is Nylon Nitty!

David Henrie lets his hair go a little wild as he attends Nylon magazine’s present their TV Issue hosted by Anna Paquin at Skybar lounge in West Hollywood on Monday night (August 24).
The 20-year-old actor is still promoting the Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premiere that he organized.
David tweeted, “Getting closer to FRIDAY… have some special friends that’ll be joining me Friday for our charity/fan premier!!! gonna b a sick day. All I can say is when Friday comes, have your twitter and your cars ready. #firstcomefirstwatchWIZARDSMOVIE!!!”
Are you excited for the premiere of Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie?

Miley Cyrus is a Burbank Beauty!

Miley Cyrus sports a cheetah spotted hat as she arrives at a studio to prepare for her upcoming tour on Tuesday morning (August 25) in Burbank, Calif.
The 16-year-old starlet got up early this morning to take a jog around her neighborhood. Miley tweeted, “Last night a cleaning demon took over me and I cleaned from 11- 4. Went to sleep at 4:30 and now I am up at 8 to go running. So the whole ‘running’ thing will actually probably never happen. I’m gonna start out with a ‘light jog.’ Let tour training begin!!!”
Miley and big bro Trace and his band Metro Station are set to take the nation by storm starting September 14. Check out all of Miley’s tour dates to see if she’s coming to a city near you!

Demi and Selena Nominated for 2009 ALMA Awards!

Congratulations to Francia Raisa, Selena Gomez, David Archuleta, Jake T. Austin and Demi Lovato for their 2009 ALMA Award Nominations!
The quintet were among several nominees that were announced by Eva Longoria Parker at her restaurant Beso in Los Angeles this morning (August 25).
Selena as well as on-screen mom Maria Canals-Barrera nabbed Special Achievement Comedy Actress nominations, Jake for Comedy Actor and Francia for Drama Actress for her role as Adrian Lee on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.
Tour mates Demi and David were honored with Special Achievement Music nominations.
The 2009 ALMA Awards will air Friday, September 18 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

Demi and her Pillow!

Demi Lovato was spotted arriving at LAX yesterday, with her pillow in hand and all smiles for the camera! But recently Demi admitted that she isn’t a fan of touring as she misses her family while on the road.
Demi told Sugar Magazine that she gets very emotional saying goodbye to her mom, dad and sisters.
“I’m so close to my family,” she says. “I get really emotional every time I have to leave them to go on tour, but luckily mum and dad take it in turns to go with me.”
She also added that “I miss my sisters so much. I can still see my little sister Madison on Desperate Housewives, though! She plays Gaby’s daughter Juanita.”

Behind The Scenes of "Disney's Friends For Change"!

Disney’s Friends for Change campaign has been a huge hit – between all of the commercials fans have loved, the Send it On song/music video that has been well receive and all of the kids who have signed up to make a difference. How would you like to see a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign? Check out this promo!

On Friday, August 28th @ 9:55/8:55 C, you can watch a half hour special and see what it took to make Friends for Change. You can hear the stars talk about the campaign, what it means to them and you can also discover how you can make a difference.
“Lights, Camera, Take Action” premieres right after the premiere of “Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie”.

Bridget Mendler is on Twitter!!

Did you know that Disney Channel star Bridgit Mendler is on twitter? She is! You can follow her updates here. She is the newest Disney Channel kid on the block, after landing a role on the upcoming new series “Good Luck Charlie”.
Here she is when she made a guest appearance on JONAS.

The media is calling her the next Miley Cyrus, which I think is dumb. Why does someone have to be compared to another Disney star? Disney sure loves her. “We just fell in love with her,” said Adam Bonnett, senior Vice President of original programming at Disney Channel. “She has all the attributes of a Disney star.”
Production on the show begins sometime in August and is set for a 2010 release.
Starring are Bridgit Mendler, a recurring guest star on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” and guest star on “JONAS,” as Teddy Holliday; Jason Dolley, known to Disney Channel viewers from his headlining roles in “Hatching Pete,” “Minutemen” and “Cory in the House,” as Casey Holliday; introducing Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Holliday; Eric Allan Kramer (”CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “My Name Is Earl”) as Bob Holliday; and Leigh Allyn Baker (”Will & Grace) as Amy Holliday.

First Day Shooting of "Good Luck Charlie"!!

New Disney star Bridgit Mendler let us know via twitter that today was the first day of shooting on “Good Luck Charlie”! She tweeted, “first day on good luck charlie!”
“Good Luck Charlie”, which was originally titled “Oops”, follows two teenagers, Teddy and Casey Holliday, and their 10-year-old brother, Gabe, whose parents enlist their help when they return to work after the birth of their fourth child, Charlotte, aka Charlie. With their parents juggling full time careers, the older Holliday siblings pitch in, getting very familiar with baby formula, burp clothes and babysitting while navigating typical teenage life.
In each episode Teddy creates a personalized video diary for Charlie. Each video will chronicle Teddy’s daily adventures and mishaps for Charlie to use as advice when her big sister is no longer living at home.
Starring in the new series are Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry, Eric Allan Kramer, Leigh Allyn Baker.
Although production has started, we won’t get to see the show until some time in 2010. That feels like forever!

Miley At KOL Concert!

On Saturday night (August 22) Miley Cyrus and her actor friend Carter Jenkins (from “Aliens In The Attic”) watched a Kings of Leon concert. The concert was held at The Forum in LA, California.
Afterward Miley Tweeted: “Just saw fellow Nashville natives Kings of Leon in concert wiff @carterjenkins.”
While Carter wrote: “KOL killed it. Awesome show & very fun night with MiCy (@mileycyrus). Yeah I’m all about abbreviating…. I’m just that cool. hah.”
Recently Disney celebrity couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens also saw the Kings of Leon in concert – looks like the band has our lovable Disney Stars hooked!
Do you like the band Kings of Leon?

Taylor's V Festival In London!

Taylor Swift performed at the V Festival this weekend in London. Above is her song “Love Story” that she performed in front of hundreds and hundreds of excited, screaming fans.
The V Festival was created by the Virgin media company and was on both August 22nd and 23rd. Numerous other celebrities performed alongside Taylor including the popular Katy Perry.
Currently Taylor is still in London doing interviews, meeting fans and having a fantastic time!
Check out the video of Taylor’s performance above and let us know what you think!

Miley's Back Ya'll!!

This Sunday Miley Cyrus was spotted back in Los Angeles, California! She spent the day tanning, having sushi for lunch, and getting her hair done.
Her mother, Tish, and sister, Brandi, joined her for the day.
Are you excited Miley is back in LA?

Ashley's Trip To Disneyland!

Ashley Tisdale and her music video director-boyfriend Scott Speer took a trip to Disneyland! They wandered around the park and rode a bunch of the rides.
Ashley had on a bright pink princess tiara while Scott was wearing what looked to be Johnny Depp’s character Jack Sparrow’s hat from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Was anyone visiting the park at the same time and got to see them?

Mitchel Musso To Perform At Studio Disney 365

Disney’s Mitchel Musso will be signing and signing autographs at Studio Disney 365 on September 3, 2009. Studio Disney 365 is located in the Downtown Disney area of California.
Mitchel is performing at the House of Blues that night, but is taking time out of his busy schedule to hang with fans between 1PM and 2PM PST that day.
Mitchel will be performing songs off of his recently released debut album “Mitchel Musso.” Will you be checking out either of his performances that day?

Which Stars Rocks Sequins BEST?!!

When you’re a famous celeb, you want to stand out on the red carpet. These trendsetting stars know that the best way to do that is by wearing glittery, sparkly dresses covered in sequins! Let me know which celeb YOU think rocked their sequined frocks best!

Taylor Swift:
Selena Gomez:

Jennette McCurdy:

Miley Cyrus:

Ashley Tisdale:
Vote here and let me know what you think!

WOWP The Movie: New Clip!

OMG! I can’t believe that the wait is FINALLY almost over! Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie is premiering THIS friday, August 28th, at 8:00pm on Disney Channel! We got this CUTE clip just to pump you up! Seems like Alex and Harper are gonna get into some mischief. It looks like it’s gonna be SO good, don’t you think?! Do you have any big plans to watch it? Are you having friends over and having a “Wizards” party?!

Savannah's cover of "Falling Over Me" by Demi Lovato!

Savannah Outen has a NEW performance up on her YouTube page. This time the songstress has tackled Demi Lovato’s “Falling Over Me” off her latest record Here We Go Again. Like always, Savannah put a little bit of herself in the cover to make it sound a bit different. Watch her vid ABOVE and tell me how YOU like it!

Back to school fashion tips by Debby Ryan!

Summer is almost over which means a LOT of you (and me) are heading back-to-school very soon, if you haven’t already. One of the BEST parts about the school year starting is getting NEW clothes for the year. But, as we all know, sometimes parents don’t want to buy us EVERYTHING that we want. If that’s true for YOU, don’t worry! Debby Ryan has some GREAT advice on how YOU can be a true back-to-school fashionista without spending a ton of money! Watch her video ABOVE and see what she has to say! What advice do YOU have to share on the topic?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emily Keeps Going "All The Way Up"!

Emily Osment keeps on rocking after the roof and walls have crumbled in her official music video for “All The Way Up.”
The 17-year-old actress/singer dished about the video, telling Radio Disney host Ernie D all about it.
Emily shared, “The video was so fun, Push Play plays my band — we’re buddies. It was really fun we shot it in a mock apartment where you could see whats going on in every room. I’m playing music upstairs and you can see how it’s effecting all the rooms below.”
WHAT DO YOU THINK of Emily’s new video?

Miley spotted kissing her co-star Liam!!

Nick, who?! According to a source, Miley Cyrus was spotted kissing and cuddling with her The Last Song co-star, Liam Hemsworth, at a Nashville airport on Wednesday!
Miley and Liam spent all summer together in Tybee Island, Georgia filming the flick, but for most of the summer, Miley was rumored to be back on with Nick Jonas. This story comes on the heels of sources telling J-14 that Miley and Nick were definitely back on!
However, as usual, Miley took to her Twitter to tell her side:

mileycyrus Dumb blogs. I do not have a boyfriend. Stop wasting your time making up lies. I would be so depressed if that was my reason to breathe.

mileycyrus All I want to know is who ARE these "sources"? Who is the "insider"? I'm sure their parents are VERY proud HA. They are professional liars.
Do you believe Miley? Do you think she's dating Liam? Or do you think she's still dating Nick?

Source: J-14

Ashley Tisdale on "America's Got Talent"!!

Ashley Tisdale performed “It’s Alright, It’s Okay” on America’s Got Talent this past week. The High School Musical star recently released her album “Guilty Pleasure” and we love it!. Check out her performance below.

Song of the week!

This time the song of the week is "Catch Me" by Demi Lovato!

Here are the lyrics:

Before i fall too fast

kiss me quick

but make it last

so i can see how badly this will hurt me

when you say good bye

Keep it sweet

Keep it slow

Let the future pass

but dont let go

but tonight i could fall to sleep

to this beautiful moonlight

But your so hypnotising

you got me laughing while i sing

you got me similing in my sleep

I can say this im unravling

and your love is where im falling

so please dont catch me

sing this high

dont settle down

like a child running scared from a clown

Im terrified of what you'll do

my stomach screams just when i look at you

now fly away

So i can breath

even though your far from sufficating me

But i cant get my hopes to high

Cuz every hello ends with a goodbye

But your so hypnotisingyou've got me laughing while i sing

you've got me smiling in my sleep

and i can say this im unravling

Your love is where im falling

so please dont catch me

Now you see

Why im scared

I cant open up my heart without a careso here i go

its what i feel

and for the first time in my life i know its real

But You're so hypnotising

you've got me laghing while i sing

you've get me smiling in my sleep

and i can say this im unravling

and Your love is where im falling

so please dont catch me

And when im out???

please dont break me

im giving up

so just catch me

And here's the mp3 download link: DOWNLOAD

Demi Lovato Gift of a Friend Music Video Download!

Here is the download link of Demi Lovato's new music video for 'Gift of a Friend'!

Click here to watch the video.

Download Requests!

Hello readers! I've started putting download links on my blog so if you guys have any requests you can write it in the shout box! I promise I'll try my best to fulfill your requests! Another anouncement! My school is starting after 1 week so I wouldn't be able to post much! I'm really sorry but I'll try my best to do as much as I can! So make sure to check my blog because I'll be updating it!

Poll Winner!!!

This week's Poll Winner is Zanessa (Vanessa & Zac)!! The question was which is your favourite "on-screen" couple? Zac and Ven won only by one vote or it could've been a tie between Jemi (Joe & Demi) and Zanessa (Zac & Vanessa)!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Hello Camp Rock 2"!!

Demi Lovato’s tour has ended and according to her tweets, she’s a little sad about it. She tweeted yesterday, “:( my heart hurts right now. Bye bye tour… “ But ,the Sonny with a Chance star didn’t stay sad for long! Why? Because now she can start filming the Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock 2”. After expressing her sadness over the tour ending, she tweeted “Buuuttt hello camp rock 2!”
Production on “Camp Rock 2” is set to begin very soon and is set to debut in 2010.
Demi and the Jonas Brothers will head back to “Camp Rock”, as well as Meaghan Jette Martin, Maria Canals-Barrera and Alyson Stoner. The characters will discover that some of the campers have ditched Camp Rock for a rival camp next door called Camp Star.
Also joining the film is hip hop artist Matthew “Mdot” Finley and Chloe Bridges, a 17-year-old classical pianist. Mdot plays the reigning singer across the lake at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown.
So where does the Shakespeare plot come into play? It comes when Nate (Nick Jonas) falls for Dana (Chloe Bridges), the daughter of Camp Star’s owner. So Nick has a love interest! It was Joe last time, now it’s Nick’s turn.
Are you excited about this movie?

Falling Down made Selena cry!!

On Twitter Selena Gomez told fans, “Yes, I just sat in my car alone crying because I heard my song on the radio for the first time ever!!! I hope you guys liked it!!”
Awww! She sounds SO excited for her fans to hear this song! So give it a listen here:

So what do you think of the new song?
Here are the lyrics:
Oh-oh oooh ooh-ooh-ooh
You walk and talk like you’re some new sensation
You move in circles you don’t need an invitation
You spent your money you can’t get no satisfaction
You play it right so you can get the right reaction
It won’t be long my darling,
Pick up the phone, nobody’s on it.
Where are your friends now, baby?
Aren’t they the ones supposed to be there for
Chorus You, you’re falling down, the world starts spinning round.
You, you’re falling down, now which? look all around.
You, you’re falling down, and you know I’ll be around.
You’re falling down, falling down
(Falling down, you’re falling down, falling down)
Without a place when you’re lookin’ in the mirror
The truth is blurry but the lies are gettin’ clearer
You’re eyes are fixed, your smile is so elastic
You gave me roses but they’re all just made of plastic
It won’t be long my darling
Pick up the phone, nobody’s on it
Where are your friends now, baby?
Aren’t they the ones supposed to be there for
Chorus You, you’re falling down, the world starts spinning round.
You, you’re falling down, now which? look all around.
You, you’re falling down, and you know I’ll be around.
You’re falling down, falling down
Laugh/Smile for the camera everybody’s looking at ya
Smile for the camera if they’re all about to trash you.
Smile for the camera (camera, camera)
Smile for the camera, who’s gonna catch you? You (you)
Chorus You, you’re falling down, the world starts spinning round.
You, you’re falling down, now which? look all around.
You, you’re falling down, and you know I’ll be around.
You’re falling down, falling down
Smile for the camera everybody’s looking at you,
Smile for the camera if they’re all about to trash you

Taylor gives pizza to her fans!!

Last night there were tons of fans waiting outside of Taylor Swift’s hotel in London, and Taylor surprised them all with Domino’s pizza!!! Awww!
And Taylor didn’t forget about dessert. She brought boxes of cookies AND cartons of milk for her fans.
Not only did Taylor get all this food for her fans, but she also hand delivered it and made it a very special experience for all of them. And it turns out one of our Disney Dreamers Rachel Newland was there with her friends – wow!!!
I wish I would've gotten a slice of pizza from Taylor! What about you?

Demi Lovato Disses Trace Cyrus!

Yikes! Looks like Demi Lovato was trying to send a message to Trace Cyrus at one of her recent soundchecks.
Trace and Demi had been flirting a lot last month, that is until things went sour. Nobody knows for sure what happened except that the two fought publicly over Twitter and it hasn’t ended yet! Trace has done magazine interviews saying that Demi isn’t mature enough for him and has even stepped out in public with a Demi Lovato Lookalike!
Which is what Demi is responding to in the video above. Demi has changed the lyrics in her song “Every Time You Lie” from:
“How Long’s it Gonna Take before you see that she’s no me”
“How Long’s it Gonna Take before you see she looks like me”
Check out the picture of Trace with his new rumored girlfriend here and let me know if you think she looks like Demi! Because I totally think she doesn't!


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Demi Lovato Gift of a Friend Music Video!

Here's the music vid of Gift Of A Friend by Demi Lovato!

Selena Gomez Falling Down Mp3 Download Link!

Here's the mp3 download link for 'Falling Down' by Selena Gomez!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Album Cover Showdown!

Here are 4 album covers of your favourite Disney Princesses! Vote and tell me which is YOUR favourite one!

Selena Gomez & The Scene-Kiss & Tell:

Demi Lovato-Here We Go Again:

Ashley Tisdale-Guilty Pleasure:

Miley Cyrus-The Time Of Our Lives:
Vote here and have your voice heard!
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