Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keke Palmer Beats Selena Gomez for NAACP Award

Keke Palmer won big at this year's NAACP Image Awards! True Jackson, VP star Keke took home the award for Outstanding Performance In A Youth/Children's Program. The actress was up against Selena Gomez for  Wizards of Waverly Place, Caitlin Sanchez for Dora the Explorer, LaShawn Jefferies for The Backyardigans, and Nick Cannon for the TeenNick HALO Awards.
"I'm so excited!" Keke squealed as she accepted her award. During her speech, the actress admitted that she told the True Jackson, VP cast she really wanted to win, and costar Ashley Argota laughed and clapped for Keke in the audience. Keke even dished that she jokingly told fellow nominee Nick Cannon that he better not win! Congratulations, Keke!

Hex Hall Sneak Peek: Chapter 2


Yesterday ,I introduced you to Chapter 1 of: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, and today, I have a sneak peek of the first chapter! After drawing too much attention to her secret abilities on prom night, Sophie Mercer's parents decide to take drastic measures and send her to Hex Hall, a creepy boarding school for witches, warlocks, faeries, and other magical teens! You'll never guess what happens when she arrives..Click here to read the second chapter from Hex Hall. Want to know what happens to Sophie Mercer next? Pick up your copy of Hex Hall in bookstores this Tuesday, March 2!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miley, Hannah and Selena Pics

EXCLUSIVE: What did Justin Bieber Tell Us about “Never Let You Go”?

Justin Bieber announced some pretty big news on his Twitter about his second single off his upcoming album My World 2.0. In case you haven’t heard yet, the next song off My World is one of our faves “Never Let You Go”! Justin tweeted, “Next Tuesday after my bday (help ‘Baby’ get to #1 for my bday!! Lol) I will release ‘Never Let You Go’ finally on iTunes from My World 2.0!!!”

Selena Gomez & Keke Palmer are Up Against Each Other!

(Left: Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NAACP, Right: Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for NAACP)
Selena Gomez and Keke Palmer showed up to the 2010 NAACP Image Awards in LA today, both dressed in gorgeous long gowns. The two are up against one another in the Outstanding Performance in a Youth/Children’s Program category! What a tough decision! We wish both of the girls good luck! We may not be able to decide who we want the award to go to, but you can decide whose red carpet dress YOU liked more! Tell us–do you prefer Selena’s wonderfully white gown or Keke’s beautifully vibrant yellow dress?

Is Miley Cyrus Back on Twitter?

You may have seen photos of Miley Cyrus back on Twitter, but it’s because of her Hannah Montana bff Emily Osment! Hannah Montana is currently filming it’s final season and to help fill fans in on the last episodes of the show, Emily Osment has been tweeting photos from the set! A few days ago, Emily tweeted a photo of Mitchel Musso, herself and Miley Cyrus back together– how cute is that! We’re SO excited that they’re back together and having fun! Today, Emily tweeted a photo of the three friends again, this time, in costume! She also added that this was “Miley living vicariously through my twitter. Lolface.” We guess Miley, who used to have a Twitter, is saying hi to her fans through Emily’s account! Either way, we love seeing Emily’s updates– it makes us SO excited for the premiere of Hannah Montana!

EXCLUSIVE: What did Justin Bieber Tell Us about “Never Let You Go”?

Justin Bieber announced some pretty big news on his Twitter about his second single off his upcoming album My World 2.0. In case you haven’t heard yet, the next song off My World is one of our faves “Never Let You Go”! Justin tweeted, “Next Tuesday after my bday (help ‘Baby’ get to #1 for my bday!! Lol) I will release ‘Never Let You Go’ finally on iTunes from My World 2.0!!!” I've loved this song since I first heard him perform it at his first album release party in LA last November. To get everyone excited for next week’s release, Tiger Beat  put together a little video of Justin performing “Never Let You Go” and what he EXCLUSIVELY revealed to Bop and Tiger Beat about the song!

Hex Hall Sneak Peek: Chapter 1


Yesterday ,I introduced you to your  newest fave book: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, and today, we have a sneak peek of the first chapter! After drawing too much attention to her secret abilities on prom night, Sophie Mercer's parents decide to take drastic measures and send her to Hex Hall, a creepy boarding school for witches, warlocks, faeries, and other magical teens! You'll never guess what happens when she arrives... Click here to read the first chapter and check back tomorrow to get a sneak peek of another chapter of Hex Hall before it hits bookstores on March 2!

Emma Watson Out and About!

Emma Watson spent the day shopping (and talking on the phone) in West Hollywood, California.

Sneak peek at this awesome book Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins!

There are so many awesome books out there these days.That's why I'm are posting a few chapters here so you can get a preview of this fabulous book, Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins, which will be hitting shelves March 2. We are hooked and after reading, we are sure you will be too! Be sure to check back over the next two days for more chapters from Hex Hall.

Felicia Miller was crying in the bathroom. Again.
I knew it was her because in the three months I'd been going to Green Mountain High, I'd already seen Felicia crying in the bathroom twice. She had a really distinctive sob, high and breathy like a little kid's, even though Felicia was eighteen, two years older than me.
I'd left her alone before, figuring that it was every girl's right to cry in a public bathroom from time to time.
But tonight was prom night, and there was some¬thing really sad about sobbing in formal wear. Besides, I'd developed a soft spot for Felicia. There was a girl just like her at every school I'd ever been to (nineteen and counting). And while I may have been a weirdo, people weren't mean to me; they mostly just ignored me. Felicia, on the other hand, was the class punching bag. For her, school had been nothing but a constant parade of stolen lunch money and nasty remarks.
I peeked under the stall door and saw a pair of feet in strappy yellow sandals. "Felicia?" I called, rapping softly on the door. "What's wrong?"
She opened the door and looked up at me with angry, bloodshot eyes. "What's wrong? Well, let's see, Sophie, it's prom night of my senior year and do you see a date anywhere near me?"
"Um . . . no. But you are in the ladies' room, so I thought--"
"What?" she asked as she stood up and wiped her nose with a huge wad of toilet paper. "That my date's out there waiting for me?" She snorted. "Please. I lied to my parents and said I had a date. So they bought me this dress"--she slapped at the yellow taffeta like it was a bug she was trying to kill--"and I told them my date was meeting me here, so they dropped me off. I just . . . I couldn't tell them I didn't get invited to my senior prom. It would have broken their hearts." She rolled her eyes. "How pathetic is that?"
"It's not that pathetic," I said. "Lots of girls come to prom alone."
She glared at me. "Do you have a date?"
I did have a date. Sure, it was Ryan Hellerman, who might have been the only person at Green Mountain High less popular than I was, but it was still a date. And my mom had been so excited that someone had asked me. She saw it as my finally making an attempt at Fitting In.
Fitting In was really important to my mom.
I watched Felicia standing there in her yellow dress, wiping at her nose, and before I could stop myself, I said something totally stupid: "I can help."
Felicia looked up at me through puffy eyes. "How?"
I looped my arm through hers, pulling her to her feet. "We have to go outside."
We made our way out of the bathroom and through the crowded gym. Felicia seemed wary as I led her through the big double doors and out into the parking lot.
"If this is some sort of prank, I have pepper spray in my purse," she said, holding her little yellow clutch close to her chest.
"Relax." I looked around to make sure the parking lot was deserted.
Even though it was late April, there was still a chill in the air, and both of us shivered in our dresses. "Okay," I said, turning back to her. "If you could have anyone as your prom date, who would it be?"
"Are you trying to torture me?" she asked.
"Just answer the question."
Staring at her yellow shoes, she mumbled, "Kevin Bridges?"
I wasn't surprised. SGA president, football captain, all-around hottie . . . Kevin Bridges was the guy almost any girl would pick to be her prom date.
"Okay, then. Kevin it is," I muttered, cracking my knuckles. Lifting my hands to the sky, I closed my eyes and pictured Felicia in Kevin's arms, her in her bright yellow dress, him in a tux. After just a few seconds of focusing on that image, I started to feel a slight tremor under my feet and a feeling like water rushing all the way up to my outspread hands. My hair started to float from my shoulders, and then I heard Felicia gasp.
When I opened my eyes, I saw exactly what I'd hoped. Overhead, a huge dark cloud was swirling, sparks of purplish light flashing inside of it. I kept concentrating, and as I did, the cloud swirled faster until it was a perfect circle with a hole in the center.
The Magic Doughnut, as I'd dubbed it the first time I'd created one on my twelfth birthday.
Felicia cowered between two cars, her arms raised over her head. But it was too late to stop.
The hole in the center of the cloud filled with bright green light. Focusing on that light and the image of Kevin and Felicia, I flexed my fingers and watched as a bolt of green lightning shot out of the cloud and raced across the sky. It disappeared behind some trees.
The cloud vanished, and Felicia stood up on shaky legs. "W-what was that?" She turned to me, wide-eyed. "Are you like a witch or something?"
I shrugged, still feeling pleasantly buzzed by the power I'd just unleashed. Magic drunk, Mom always calls it. "It was nothing," I said. "Now let's go inside."
Ryan was hanging out by the punch table when I came back inside.
"What was that about?" he asked, nodding toward Felicia. She looked dazed as she stood on tiptoes, scan¬ning the dance floor.
"Oh, she just needed some air," I said, picking up a glass of punch. My heart was still racing, and my hands were shaking.
"Cool," Ryan said, bouncing his head in time with the music. "Wanna dance?"
Before I could answer, Felicia ran up and grabbed my arm. "He's not even here," she said. "Didn't that . . . that thing you did make him my prom date?"
"Shhh! Yes it did, but you'll have to be patient. As soon as Kevin gets here, he'll find you, trust me."
We didn't have to wait long.
Ryan and I were only halfway through our first dance when a huge crash echoed through the gym.
There was a rapid succession of loud pops, almost like gunshots, that sent kids screaming and diving under the refreshment table. I watched the punch bowl plummet to the floor, splashing red liquid everywhere.
But it wasn't a gun that had made the popping sounds; it was balloons. Hundreds of them. Whatever had hap¬pened had sent the huge balloon arch swooping to the ground. I watched as one white balloon escaped the carnage and rose into the rafters of the gym.
I looked over and saw several of the teachers running for the doors.
Which weren't there anymore.
That was because a silver Land Rover had crashed through them.
Kevin Bridges staggered out of the driver's seat. He'd cut both his forehead and his hand, and was bleeding on the shiny hardwood as he bellowed, "Felicia! FELICIA!"
"Holy crap," Ryan murmured.
Kevin's date, Caroline Reed, scrambled out of the pas¬senger side. She was sobbing. "He's crazy!" she shrieked. "He was fine, and then there was this light and . . . and . . ." She broke off into more hysterics, and I felt sick to my stomach.
"FELICIA!" Kevin continued to scream, wildly searching the gym. I looked around and saw Felicia hiding under one of the tables, her eyes huge.
I was careful this time, I thought. I'm better at this now!
Kevin found Felicia and yanked her out from under the table. "Felicia!" He smiled broadly, his whole face lit up, which, what with the blood and all, was terrifying. I didn't blame Felicia for screaming her head off.
One of the chaperones, Coach Henry, sprinted over to help, grabbing Kevin's arm.
But Kevin just turned, one hand still clutching Felicia, and backhanded Coach Henry across the face. The coach, who was six foot two and easily over two hundred pounds, went flying backward.
And then all hell broke loose.
People were stampeding for the doors, more teachers were swarming Kevin, and Felicia's screams had taken on a desperate, keening edge. Only Ryan seemed unfazed.
"Awesome!" he enthused as two girls scrambled over the Land Rover and out of the gym. "Carrie prom!"
Kevin was still holding one of Felicia's hands, and by now he was on one knee. I couldn't be sure, thanks to all the screaming, but I think he was singing to her.
Felicia wasn't screeching anymore, but she was fishing in her handbag for something.
"Oh no," I groaned. I started running toward them, but I slipped and fell in the punch.
Felicia whipped out a small red can and sprayed the contents in Kevin's face.
His song broke off in a garbled cry of pain. He dropped her hand to claw at his eyes, and Felicia ran.
"It's okay, baby!" he shouted after her. "I don't need eyes to see you! I see you with the eyes of my heart, Felicia! My HEART!"
Great. Not only was my spell too strong, it was also lame.
I sat in the pool of punch while the chaos I'd cre¬ated raged around me. A lone white balloon bobbed by my elbow, and Mrs. Davison, my algebra teacher, stumbled past, shouting into her cell phone, "I said Green Mountain High! Um . . . I don't know, an ambulance? A SWAT team? Just send somebody!"
Then I heard a shriek. "It was her! Sophie Mercer!"
Felicia was pointing at me, her whole body shaking.
Even over all the noise, Felicia's words echoed in the cavernous gym. "She's . . . she's a witch!"
I sighed. "Not again."

"The Last Song" is almost here!

Ok, so maybe The Last Song isn't exactly around the corner (it premieres March 31st!) - but we just can't wait to see it! Check out the brand new clip of the movie below and tell us if you're just as excited as we are! Also, we want to know if YOU think Miley and Liam will have major chemistry on-screen!

Check out Emily Osment's "You Are The Only One"

We've got Emily Osment's new video for "You Are The Only One"! We've been following her on Twitter and she's been practicing really hard with her band for their upcoming tour, "Clap Your Hands" (and it finally kicks off March 7th)!

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato "Make A Wave"!

Check out the official version of Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato's brand new duet, "Make A Wave"! These two BFFs wrote the song for Disney's Friends for Change - and it'll even be featured in Disneynature's upcoming flick, "Oceans." The official video for the song premieres March 14th - and we're super-psyched to see it! You can even get to buy "Make A Wave" on iTunes on March 15 - psst! All the proceeds will go to environmental charities!

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