Friday, October 28, 2011

Zac Efron and Taylor Swift Team Up Vocally…but Not Musically!

Is Zac Efron in love with Taylor Swift? Well, not in real life. But Taylor and Zac are teaming up as love birds (well, as the voices of some anyway) in The Lorax. In the movie, Zac plays a 12-year-old boy who discovers the Lorax on his mission to win over his dream girl, voiced by (who else?) Taylor. The film hits theaters on March 2, 2012, so you still have a while to wait before it’s released. Until then, get excited by watching the trailer below! If you like colors, imagination and crazy journeys, the trailer suggests you won’t be let down!

What do YOU think of hearing Taylor and Zac as animated characters? Tell us in the comments.

BTR: Official Elevate Details Released!

Hey, Big Time Rush fans! We have some big time news. Fans already know that BTR’s highly anticipated album Elevate will hit stores on Nov. 21 (if you’re a Rusher, you’ve probably already added it to your Christmas list). Fans have also seen the album’s cover art and probably listened (multiple times) to the catchy single “Music Sounds Better With U.” But now we can officially share full details about the album! See below for the track list (that’s right, the entire track list). And keep watching Big Time Rush on TV to hear the brand-new songs before the album is released!
Full Track List:
1. Music Sounds Better With U (featuring Mann)
2. Show Me
3. All Over Again
4. No Idea
5. Cover Girl
6. Love Me Love Me
7. If I Ruled The World (featuring Iyaz)
8. Invisible
9. Time of Your Life
10. Superstar
11. You’re Not Alone
12. Elevate
Are YOU going to buy the boys’ new album next month? How excited are you to hear all their new songs (and watch their TV show to hear the songs in advance!)? Let us know in the comments.

Taylor Swift Covers Michelle Branch’s “All You Wanted” In Concert October 22, 2011

Taylor Swift covered Michelle Branch’s song “All You Wanted” at her concert on October 22, 2011. Taylor has been covering a ton of songs during this tour, and we hope that she releases an album full of cover songs some time in the future! Listen to Taylor’s Michelle Branch cover below, and then let us know which other songs you would like to hear Taylor cover at her shows!

Disney Channel “Austin & Ally” Premiering December 4, 2011

The Disney Channel has announced that the new show “Austin & Ally” will premiere on December 4, 2011 at 8/7c. The show was created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, who worked on “Sonny With A Chance” and “JONAS.” Also, the pilot was directed by Shelley Jensen (“Shake It Up”).
Here is the description of the show from IMDB:
“A comedy about the unique relationship between a young songwriter, Ally Dawson, and Austin Ray, the overnight internet sensation who gains sudden notoriety after performing one of Ally’s songs. Austin and Ally struggle with how to maintain and capitalize on Austin’s newfound fame. Austin is more of a rebel type who doesn’t follow the rules and is somewhat immature for his age, while Ally is conservative yet self-conscious.”
Will you be tuning in for the premiere of “Austin & Ally” on the Disney Channel?

Joe Jonas Gets A Haircut October 27, 2011

Joe Jonas has been keeping his fans in the loop a lot lately about what he’s been up to – including letting everyone know via Twitter that he got his hair cut! Joe is busy in the UK promoting his “FastLife” album. Have you seen the Jonas Brother open for Britney Spears live in concert? If so, what did you think?
Here’s what Joe Tweeted along with the photo above:
Just got a fresh cut from my boy sapong.
P.S. When Joe was a Jonas Brother he used to have longer hair…do you prefer Joe’s hair long or short?

Debby Ryan To Guest Star On ABC’s “Private Practice” November 17, 2011

Disney Channel star Debby Ryan (“Jessie”) will guest star on ABC’s “Private Practice” during a two-hour episode on November 17, 2011. In the episode, Debby will play a character named Hailey, an 18-year-old girl in rehab.
Will you be tuning in for the “Private Practice” episode with Debby? We can’t wait to see her in this new role!
Which other shows would you like to see Debby guest star on in the future?

New Years Eve Movie Posters

Here are brand new movie posters for the upcoming film “New Years Eve.” The movie is similar to the movie “Valentine’s Day,” also from Garry Marshall. The movie stars a ton of celebrities, including:
- Ashton Kutcher
- Robert De Niro
- Katherine Heigl
- Josh Duhamel
- Carla Gugino
- Zac Efron
- Abigail Breslin
- Jessica Biel
- Sofia Vergara
- Alyssa Milano
- Lea Michele
- Michelle Pfeiffer
- Hilary Swank
- Sarah Jessica Parker
- Halle Berry
- Sara Paxton
- Sienna Miller
- Jake T. Austin
- Julie Andrews
- John Lithgow
- Frankie Muniz
- Ice Cube
- John Stamos
- Til Schweiger
- Ludacris
- Christine Lakin
- Jon Bon Jovi
- Ryan Seacrest
- Russell Peters
- Hector Elizondo
- Seth Meyers
- Katherine McNamara
- Terese Cilluffo
- Anna A. White
- Rob Nagle
- Nina Ruiz
- Marcia Miller
- Leroy S. Mobley
- Earl Rose
- Bob Weston
- Eddie D’vir
- Johnny Salami
- Robert Stephanek
The movie arrives in theaters on December 9, 2011!

David Archuleta “Hong Kong” Video Blog October 27, 2011

Yeay! David Archuleta posted a brand new video blog! He titled the blog “Hong Kong.” Here’s the description he posted along with it for his fans:
“Excited to be going to Hong Kong with Channel V! Doing an event with them as well as shooting a music video for my song “Wait” while there in Hong Kong. Went to Florida for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals and then went to Vegas to visit relatives there. Have a show in Singapore Nov. 19 and a few other things coming up.”

How cute does he look in that video?! A lot! Don't you think?

Effie Trinket “The Hunger Games” Movie Poster

Here is a new movie poster for “The Hunger Games.” This poster features the character Effie Trinket, played by actress Elizabeth Banks. In the book series Effie is in charge of getting Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark as ready as she can for The Hunger Games, a tournament in which the participants have to fight to the death.

We think Elizabeth is a great choice for this role. What do you think? And, what are your thoughts on the poster?

Justin Bieber “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” Music Video Pictures

Here are a couple pictures that Justin Bieber posted to his Instagram account, which we’re pretty sure are from his recent music video shoot for his song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.” The song is off of Justin’s Christmas album, “Under The Mistletoe,” which will be available in stores on November 1, 2011.

And doesn't he look oh so hot in these pictures? Can't wait to watch the music video! What about you?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Layout!

I have the new October layout up! It's themed starry TVD =P What do you think? Leave your comments below!

Love Hira-XOXO

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Willow Smith Shows Fans How a Song is Born!

Ok. Wow. Just…wow. What are we practically speechless over? Willow Smith, that’s who.
Sure, the girl may have a super famous father, but she is definitely destined for some pretty amazing things of her own. The 10-year-old powerhouse has a personality bigger and bolder than most people twice her age. We already know she can “whip her hair” like nobody’s business, but here’s more news for you: Willow just wrote her first song! It’s called “The Epiphany,” and it’s about balancing her passion for both her dancing and singing — and the realization that she can do both.
Willow explains that “The Epiphany” is “actually the first song that I’ve ever written. So I’m not sure if I’m gonna put it on the album, but I just want you guys’ input in how it is because I’ve never really done this before. So I’m very excited and I just want you guys to love it.”
Willow wants YOUR input on the song and to get that, she’s created a very special video that lets fans see her creative juices flow as she works on writing and producing the song!

What do YOU think of the song? Impressed? Excited? Let us know in the comments .

It’s Official: Robsten is a Thing

ATTENTION, PLEASE: Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson are dating!
Are you thinking “DUH” right about now? Kristen thinks you should be too! She just confirmed the relationship for the first time ever (she casually called Rob her boyfriend in a recent interview), but she doesn’t think it’s breaking news.
“So much of my life is so easily Googled,” she said of the big announcement. “I mean, it’s like, ‘Come on, guys! It’s so obvious!’ I don’t think you realize what a big deal it is for people.”
So why has K-Stew been so tight-lipped about the relationship up until now? She says it’s a matter of being selfish – but in a really understandable way.
“It’s just one of those things. I’m selfish. I’m like, ‘That’s mine!’” she explained.“And I like to keep whatever is mine remaining that way. It’s a funny little game to play, and it’s a slippery slope. I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away, because there’s never any point or benefit for me.”
How long have you…erm, suspected that Rob and Kristen were in love offscreen too? Tell us in the comments.

Drew Seeley Thanks His Fans October 2, 2011

Drew Seeley posted a message to his fans on Twitter this month thanking them for their support. Check it out:
In case I haven’t told you guys lately, thank you. For the constant encouragement. I’ve got some cool stuff in the works for you. Cheers!
Drew is in the upcoming ABC Family musical movie “Elixir.” We can’t wait to watch it when it arrives on the channel!

Joe Jonas “The Road To Fastlife”

Disney Channel Original Movie “Geek Charming” Movie Premiere Date Announced

The Disney Channel has announced that the new Disney Channel Original Movie “Geek Charming” will debut on Friday, November 11th at 8/7c. The movie stars actors Sarah Hyland (from ABC’s “Modern Family”) and Matt Prokop (from Walt Disney Pictures “High School Musical 3: Senior Year”). As it turns out Sarah and Matt have a romance in the movie, and they actually have one in real life too – the duo have been dating for a while now!

In addition to giving away the movie air date, the Disney Channel has also announced that it will be celebrating “Geek Week” by airing movies and TV shows that celebrate the topic. We’ll keep you posted when a schedule for the network is announced!

Vanessa Hudgens And Stella Hudgens Leave The Gym On October 3, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens and her look-alike sister Stella Hudgens were photographed after going to the gym in Los Angeles, California on October 3rd. The sisters both made sure to cover up their faces as they sipped from the smoothies they took with them on their way home.
Vanessa has been spending a ton of time with her sister lately. It’s so cute to see that they are so close to each other!
We have a feeling Stella will have an acting career soon…can you picture her in “High School Musical 4“? We totally can!

Johnny Depp Is The Highest Paid Actor In Hollywood

Actor Johnny Depp is the highest paid actor in Hollywood thanks to Walt Disney Pictures “Pirates of the Caribbean” series. As it turns out, Johnny brought in a cut of the profits from the franchise films after Disney broke even on production and marketing costs. Currently Johnny has earned close to $350 million from the movies.
And of course Johnny is starring in the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film, and most likely a 6th film as well – so he’ll be bringing in many more millions to come!
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