Friday, August 26, 2011

Justin Bieber Joins Taylor Swift in Concert!

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift Duet Could Happen!

Not only has Joe Jonas reconnected with ex Demi Lovato at the Do Something Awards, he has recently come out saying he'd totally be down to work with ex Taylor Swift on a song!
"I think there's a great opportunity for that to happen. We're friendly, we're not enemies. People like to think that once you've dated, that's it and you can never be friends again. But there's a middle-ground in that situation," Joe said in a recent interview.

Demi Lovato Spills on New Album!

Five Justin Secrets Revealed!

Justin Bieber recently sat down with TMZ and he spilled some totally tantalizing facts about his personal life, what it’s like on tour and his upcoming albums (yeah, you read that right: ALBUMS).

Fact #1: Justin is going for a new look.
Justin admitted that it’s been a few days since he shaved – and he might just keep that trend going. He’s thinking about trying out a mustached look! “I tink the stache is going to grown on my audience,” Justin joked (we think).

Fact #2: Justin has some anti-fans down under.
It might seem like the whole world is suffering from Bieber Fever, but that’s not true, he insists. Sometimes anti-fans act out against him! “In Australia, some kid thought it would be cool to throw an egg at me,” Justin admitted.

Fact #3: Justin is sometimes too popular for his own good.
Being rich and famous and talented is usually a dream come true, but sometimes even fame has its downsides. Justin was so popular in Liverpool, England, that he wasn’t allowed to leave his hotel at all! “I was in my hotel room, I wanted to go out on an off day and they were like, ‘You can’t leave the hotel.’ The police were going to arrest me.”

Fact #4: Justin is releasing a Christmas album.
In addition to his upcoming album that we’re so excited for, Justin spilled that he has another project in the works – a Christmas album that should be finished at the end of this month! “It’s going to have some classics and then some originals,” he teased.

Fact #5: Justin is already thinking about having kids!
Okay, so he’s not thinking about having them soon, but Justin did admit that his future family plays into where he wants to settle down. “I’m going to get like a condo [in L.A.], but eventually, I’m probably going to want to move back to Canada and raise my family out there. I’m Canadian, I want my kids to be Canadian.”

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joe Jonas "Fast Life" Album Cover

New blog

Hey guys! I've started a new blog. It's called Views and Reviews. It's a blog I made to share my views about various things, e.g. books, movies, music or random topics, with the world. And to listen to their views about those things. So it's basically to connect with you guys, with people who may share or not share the same interests as me.

So I would like you all to visit this site ( and please share it with other people too. Like it and follow it and comment on it if you want. I would be really thankful and happy! =)

Love Hira

Help Selena Gomez Create Her New Fragrance!

Selena Gomez is the next celebrity in line to create a fragrance, but she needs your help! Here’s Selena’s message to her fans about her perfume:

“Hey Everyone–I have officially started working on my new fragrance. We are currently building a site where you will be able to help me make some decisions on what the final scent will be. Log on to to register and stay updated on the progress were making. Once the site is officially launched in the fall you will be able to help me narrow down what notes to include in the perfume. The first fifty thousand to register will receive a free sample bottle of the fragrance before it hits the stores. Everyone who registers will be placed into a drawing for an all expense paid trip to my fragrance lab where we will review the final scents and make our final decision. This process is going to take some time but, who better to help me decide what this scent should be then those of you who will be wearing it.

Thanks for all your help.”

We can’t wait!

Brenda Song's Having A Baby!?

Congrats, Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus!

Rumors started flying around the internet and sources told both Celebuzz and EOnline that it was true.
Brenda and Trace started dating earlier last year and made their debut at Nylon’s Young Hollywood event.

The couple also recently collaborated on Trace’s Southern Made Hollywood Paid clothing line.

Brenda will next be heard as Chloe in Disney Channel’s Pixie Hollow Games, out this fall.

HOW DO YOU feel about Brenda having a baby?

Justin Bieber Surprises Taylor Swift on Stage at Staples Center!

Justin Bieber makes a surprise entrance on stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday night — at Taylor Swift’s concert!

The 17-year-old musician shared the spotlight with his good friend and sung with her as they covered his own tune, “Baby.”

Taylor tweeted after, “You think you’ve heard LOUD screaming in your life.. Then @justinbieber comes out and does a surprise song during your show. Woah. Unreal.”

Justin added, “@taylorswift13 we should do that more often. :) great show! #muchlove”

Check out the video below:

Demi Lovato 'Unbroken' Tracklist

Demi just released her tracklist for upcoming album, Unbroken, out on September 20th. Check it out:

1. “All Night Long” (featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland)
2. “Who’s That Boy?” (featuring Dev)
3. “You’re My Only Shorty” (featuring Iyaz)
4. “Together” (featuring Jason DerĂ¼lo)
5. “Lightweight”
6. “Unbroken”
7. “Fix a Heart”
8. “Hold Up”
9. “Mistake”
10. “Give Your Heart a Break”
11. “Skyscraper”
12. “In Real Life”
13. “My Love Is Like a Star”
14. “For the Love of a Daughter”
15. “Skyscraper” (Wizz Dumb Remix)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Layout!

Hey guys! I've put up the new layout! It's Demi themed. What do you think? I've also put up a poll above asking that if we should start posting stuff other than Disney too. That is that if we should post stuff about Disney AND about other things like non-Disney stuff e.g The Vampire Diaries, Harry Potter, non-Disney celebrities etc. You can vote above to tell us what we should do. Thanks for everyone who voted! =) You can comment below or in the shoutbox to tell us what more should we add to this blog and what would you guys like to read/see on this site.

Love Hira-XOXO

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Year’s Eve Trailer Released!

The trailer for New Year’s Eve was finally released and it looks EPIC! With a star-studded cast that includes Zac Efron, Lea Michele, Jake T. Austin, Abigail Breslin, Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl and so many more!

The movie obviously centers around New Year’s and new beginnings and relationships. It seems like it might be a little bit like Valentine’s Day, which came out last year. So if you liked that, we’re sure you’ll like this movie too!

Check out the trailer below:


The movie is set to be released December 9! Will you go check out New Year’s Eve? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

Aly Michalka Has Fun On The Set Of “CSI: NY”

 Aly Michalka will appear on “CSI: NY” this season. In her episode she will play a character named Miranda who is a singer who becomes famous in New York’s underground clubs. She ends up being investigated by the CSI team when the guy she has been dating is found murdered – uh oh!
Aly Michalka Tweeted her excitement about the show:
"Having such an amazing experience on CSI:NY this week. What a professional and lovely cast and crew! Can’t wait for you to see this ep. X aly"
We can’t wait for the episode! What about you?

Demi Lovato In The Studio With Rock Mafia

Us Disney fans became more aware of Rock Mafia when Miley Cyrus worked with them on the song “The Big Bang.” Miley was in the music video for the song and her fans loved it! Now, Demi Lovato has announced that she has been working with Rock Mafia. Here’s Demi’s Tweet sharing the news:
"In the studio with @rock_mafia."
What do you think of this collaboration?

Selena Gomez Tweets About Ice Cream

Omg, how good does this look? Selena Gomez Tweeted the photo above to her Instagram account of herself and a friend enjoying ice cream sundaes! Here’s what Selena posted along with the picture:
"Serendipity.. :)"
Ok, now we’re hungry!

Taylor Swift’s “Mean” Music Video Up For An MTV Video Music Award

Taylor Swift’s “Mean” music video is up for an MTV Video Music Award! Taylor took to Twitter to share her excitement for the nomination:
"Wait, what?! The ‘Mean’ video got nominated for a VMA!! BEYOND excited. If you feel like voting…… :) :) :)"
The MTV video Music Awards will air on MTV on Sunday, August 28th at 9pm ET/PT. Be sure to vote for Taylor’s music video and then tune in to see the results!

David Henrie In “Little Boy”

David Henrie is set to star in a new movie “Little Boy.” Other actors set for the film include:

- Kevin James
- Ben Chaplin
- Emily Watson
- Jakob Salvati

The movie is set in a small American town during WWII where an 8-year-old boy with developmental problems has only his father as his friend. However, when his father goes to war, the boy is forced to confront the cruelty of those around him.

The movie will begin shooting later this month in Baja, California and will arrive in 2012.

Taylor Swift Covers Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”


At one of her recent concerts Taylor Swift performed Eminem’s hit song “Lose Yourself.” The crowd seemed to really appreciate her rendition of the song – they even sang along with her! Check it out above.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bella Thorne Stands up Against Bullying

In an emotional YouTube video, Bella tells fans about how she used to be bullied and how it changed her life. She talks about how she changed who she was so that she could fit in. Who ever thought Bella Thorne would want to change who she was?

Check out the video below:

The Shake It Up star made the video as part of a summer community project called Take THAT, Apathy!
Bella took to her Twitter to get as many people as she could involved in the 11-day scavenger hunt that was set up by DoSomething.Org and Lenovo. 70,000 teens joined together and did daily challenges like donating school supplies and setting up an email accounts for senior citizens. What a success!

Karlie Kloss Says She Is Not Dating Joe Jonas

Even though model Karlie Kloss is rumored to be dating Joe Jonas, she revealed to Live & Style magazine that the rumors are false. The two are actually just friends!
"No, we’re really not [an item]…Joe really is a great guy though and such a good friend. I’m so glad we met!"
Karlie then spoke about the rumors and how she deals with them:

"You just have to laugh. We’re great friends, and I do love him as a person."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Taylor Swift Honored at 2011 Teen Choice Awards

At this year's Teen Choice Awards, Taylor Swift knows she's already taking home one surfboard -- the singer is being honored with the Ultimate Choice Award, an award that is given out to someone who's had extraordinary contributions to the entertainment industry. Past recipients of this award include: Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Venus and Serena Williams.
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