Friday, July 22, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens Claims She Is Single

Vanessa Hudgens has been rumored to be dating actor Josh Hutcherson ever since breaking her long-time relationship with Zac Efron off. However the “Gimmie Shelter” star told E! News that she is single!
"I think it’s really important to love yourself and truly just be happy with yourself and just kind of let the rest of it fall into place. It is fun to go look at cute boys. But at the same time, I like being single. I feel like I have all this time for myself to be able to do these roles."
We haven’t seen Vanessa and Josh together for a while since they both are busy filming movies, so perhaps they decided to break things off so they could concentrate on their careers. Or, maybe they were never a couple. What do you think?

Source: Disney Dreaming

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