Sunday, January 8, 2012

Justin Gaston In The TV Movie “Game Change”

Miley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston will portray Levi Johnston in the made-for-TV movie “Game Change.” Here’s a list of actors and who they’ll play in the movie:
Woody Harrelson - Steve Schmidt
Julianne Moore – Sarah Palin
Ed Harris – John McCain
Sarah Paulson – Nicolle Wallace
Ron Livingston – Mark Wallace
Peter MacNicol – Rick Davis
Tiffany Thornton – Mehgan McCain
Jamey Sheridan – Mark Salter
Alex Hyde-White – Lindsey Graham
Bruce Altman – Fred Davis
Jenna Stern – Lisa Kline
Brian Howe – Randy Scheunemann
Melissa Farman – Bristol Palin
Spencer Garrett - Steve Biegun
John Rothman – A.B. Culvahouse
Rain Pryor – Angela
Larry Sullivan – Chris Edwards
Ashlie Atkinson - Plump Woman
Brian d’Arcy James – Ted Frank
Jennifer Butler - Palin supporter
Colby French – Tucker Eskew
Shelley Bassett – Campaign Worker
Brittany Underwood – Willow Palin
David Barry Gray – Todd Palin
Justin Gaston – Levi Johnston
What do you think about Justin playing Levi?

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