Friday, January 6, 2012

Taylor Lautner, Booboo Stewart, and Robert Pattinson made Capricho’s ‘Drool List’

Taylor Lautner, Booboo Stewart, and Robert Pattinson made Capricho’s list of 40 guys that made us drool a lot in 2011. Taylor came in at #1!

1. Taylor Lautner

No wonder he was voted “International Eye Drops” at whim Awards. In 2011, Taylor Lautner showed that a six pack is not only beautiful, but a talented actor with a promising future. In the role of Nathan in the movie “No Exit”, the guy showed a hand full of action even more than his character Jacob, “Breaking Dawn”. In the penultimate film “Twilight,” Tay took off his shirt, made ​​baby face, joke and did – oh, oh! - Drew gasps and sighs of most people.

11. Robert Pattinson

Beautiful, charming, intelligent, funny! Rob Pattz was another actor who this year had a chance to surprise us with another character. Like Jacob, in “Water for Elephants,” we saw something very different vampire Edward in “Breaking Dawn”. The penultimate film of the saga premiered in theaters in November and was a box office record.

35. Boo Boo Stewart

We’ve been looking at Boo Boo’s séééculos! But after his performance was very cute in “Dawn” we were convinced that he is the perfect cub. In this film, he drew even more attention on the role of Seth.

Head to Capricho to see the full list!

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