Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Justin Secrets Revealed!

Justin Bieber recently sat down with TMZ and he spilled some totally tantalizing facts about his personal life, what it’s like on tour and his upcoming albums (yeah, you read that right: ALBUMS).

Fact #1: Justin is going for a new look.
Justin admitted that it’s been a few days since he shaved – and he might just keep that trend going. He’s thinking about trying out a mustached look! “I tink the stache is going to grown on my audience,” Justin joked (we think).

Fact #2: Justin has some anti-fans down under.
It might seem like the whole world is suffering from Bieber Fever, but that’s not true, he insists. Sometimes anti-fans act out against him! “In Australia, some kid thought it would be cool to throw an egg at me,” Justin admitted.

Fact #3: Justin is sometimes too popular for his own good.
Being rich and famous and talented is usually a dream come true, but sometimes even fame has its downsides. Justin was so popular in Liverpool, England, that he wasn’t allowed to leave his hotel at all! “I was in my hotel room, I wanted to go out on an off day and they were like, ‘You can’t leave the hotel.’ The police were going to arrest me.”

Fact #4: Justin is releasing a Christmas album.
In addition to his upcoming album that we’re so excited for, Justin spilled that he has another project in the works – a Christmas album that should be finished at the end of this month! “It’s going to have some classics and then some originals,” he teased.

Fact #5: Justin is already thinking about having kids!
Okay, so he’s not thinking about having them soon, but Justin did admit that his future family plays into where he wants to settle down. “I’m going to get like a condo [in L.A.], but eventually, I’m probably going to want to move back to Canada and raise my family out there. I’m Canadian, I want my kids to be Canadian.”

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