Friday, October 28, 2011

New Years Eve Movie Posters

Here are brand new movie posters for the upcoming film “New Years Eve.” The movie is similar to the movie “Valentine’s Day,” also from Garry Marshall. The movie stars a ton of celebrities, including:
- Ashton Kutcher
- Robert De Niro
- Katherine Heigl
- Josh Duhamel
- Carla Gugino
- Zac Efron
- Abigail Breslin
- Jessica Biel
- Sofia Vergara
- Alyssa Milano
- Lea Michele
- Michelle Pfeiffer
- Hilary Swank
- Sarah Jessica Parker
- Halle Berry
- Sara Paxton
- Sienna Miller
- Jake T. Austin
- Julie Andrews
- John Lithgow
- Frankie Muniz
- Ice Cube
- John Stamos
- Til Schweiger
- Ludacris
- Christine Lakin
- Jon Bon Jovi
- Ryan Seacrest
- Russell Peters
- Hector Elizondo
- Seth Meyers
- Katherine McNamara
- Terese Cilluffo
- Anna A. White
- Rob Nagle
- Nina Ruiz
- Marcia Miller
- Leroy S. Mobley
- Earl Rose
- Bob Weston
- Eddie D’vir
- Johnny Salami
- Robert Stephanek
The movie arrives in theaters on December 9, 2011!

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