Thursday, October 6, 2011

Willow Smith Shows Fans How a Song is Born!

Ok. Wow. Just…wow. What are we practically speechless over? Willow Smith, that’s who.
Sure, the girl may have a super famous father, but she is definitely destined for some pretty amazing things of her own. The 10-year-old powerhouse has a personality bigger and bolder than most people twice her age. We already know she can “whip her hair” like nobody’s business, but here’s more news for you: Willow just wrote her first song! It’s called “The Epiphany,” and it’s about balancing her passion for both her dancing and singing — and the realization that she can do both.
Willow explains that “The Epiphany” is “actually the first song that I’ve ever written. So I’m not sure if I’m gonna put it on the album, but I just want you guys’ input in how it is because I’ve never really done this before. So I’m very excited and I just want you guys to love it.”
Willow wants YOUR input on the song and to get that, she’s created a very special video that lets fans see her creative juices flow as she works on writing and producing the song!

What do YOU think of the song? Impressed? Excited? Let us know in the comments .

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