Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fandango’s Interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor for Breaking Dawn

Here is part of the interview with Kristen, Rob and Taylor.  To read more, please visit Fandango!

Q: Kristen, did any of Bella’s qualities stick with you after portraying her for so many years?
Kristen Stewart: Not really, only because I’m pretty wrapped up in her. I’ve always felt that you really project yourself onto a character. If you’re the type of girl to identify with Bella, then you just kind of are her. I genuinely had to justify every decision she made the whole way through. Sometimes your character in films would do things you wouldn’t do. You’re not playing yourself all the time, but somehow, I could not disagree with her, ever.

Q: Robert, how has your Twilight experience affected you?
Robert Pattinson: It presented a whole variety of obstacles in terms of how you grow and figure out who you want to be. It’s like a very complicated maze. I didn’t even know if I was going to continue acting before this happened, and now, I have much more of a drive and passion for it than I ever did before.

Q: Kristen, what do Taylor and Rob bring to the experience?
Stewart: I can’t imagine what this movie would’ve been if I didn’t have really, really solid – and always growing – relationships with them… When you work with people like that, you can give so much, you’re so comfortable, you can do no wrong. We got along and so it shows.

Q: Taylor, can you understand why Jacob would not just let Bella go?
Taylor Lautner: I go back and forth with Jacob’s persistence. Most of the time, yeah, I can understand it, because there’ve been things in my life that I have wanted so much and when you’re told no, you just gotta go for it. If you’re told no, and you say oh ok, and you give up, I wouldn’t be sitting here today. If you believe in something, if you love something, you gotta go for it no matter what. So most of the time, I could relate.

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