Monday, June 20, 2011

New Layout

Hey guys! I went through a lot of trouble making and arranging this Lay! I had to change everything about the blog because of the new design of blogger. But I must say Template Designer is a lot easier! This time the layout is Miley themed. I used pictures of her from her Gypsy Heart Tour promo. I think it turned out pretty good! From now on I'm going to change the lay every month! What do you think, who should I put on the July layout? And what do you think of this layout?

I have put up a new header because I didn't like the previous one. I don't really like this one either but this is all I can do right now. And anyway I am going to make a new header for July which is just around the corner so for a new, and hopefully improved, header you guys have to wait a week or so.

Love Hira, XOXO

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