Thursday, October 22, 2009

Exclusive: Kevin Jonas Wedding Truth or Dare!

Kevin Jonas was no doubt MIA while brothers Nick and Joe were teaching the world the world how to "Bounce"  with Demi Lovato this weekend. Could wedding plans be taking up his time? J-14 talked to Kevin exclusively in a game of  wedding plans truth or dare to get to the bottom of the rumors!
TRUTH: There are rumors floating around that you'll be getting married at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas where you met Danielle -- truth?!
Kevin Jonas: As of right now, that's a rumor. I'm not married yet. We haven't fully decided on everything yet. We're working through things and making things happen.

TRUTH: Is there any truth to the fact that the wedding will happen by the end of this year?
Kevin: That's another rumor because it's one of those things where actually we're waiting for Camp Rock 2 to wrap up.
DARE: If you were a Valentine's Day conversation heart, what would you say?
Kevin: I guess since I'm on the phone so much, "Call me." Is that a good one? That's a good one since I'm talking to Danielle enough -- that works!

TRUTH: Any wedding jitters?
Kevin: We're both very excited. Things are going great!

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