Friday, February 4, 2011

How Excited are You for a JB Remix Album? It Hits Stores on Valentine's Day!

February is going to be a great month for Justin Bieber fans! Not only is his movie, Never Say Never, coming out on Feb. 11, but he announced yesterday that he'll be releasing a new album called Never Say Never- The Remixes on the 14th. Happy Valentine's day to all the Beliebers! The album will feature 7 remixed songs from the My World 2.0 album, and has collaborations with Jaden Smith, Miley Cyrus, and more! Can't wait to hear it! Check out the track list below:
"Never Say Never" (featuring Jaden Smith)
"That Should Be Me" (remix featuring Rascal Flatts )
"Somebody to Love" (remix featuring Usher)
"Up" (remix featuring Chris Brown)
"Overboard" (live featuring Miley Cyrus)
"Runaway Love" (Kanye West remix, featuring Raekwon)
"Born to Be Somebody"

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