Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taylor Swift Kicks Off Speak Now Tour in Singapore

Taylor Swift started the first leg of her Speak Now tour a few days ago at a sold out show in Singapore. "THAT SHOW RULED!! Thank you Singapore. My band and I love you. And your dancing and jumping and singing and screaming! Good times," Taylor Tweeted.

TaylorSwiftSingaporeFanPhot.jpgTaylor takes a photo with an excited fan
TaylorSwiftSingaporeFans.jpgShe even took time to sign autographs
TaylorSwiftSingaporeHeart.jpgDoing her famous heart sign
TaylorSwiftSingaporeUkulele.jpgTaylor says she plays her ukulele during happy songs
Photos: Courtesy of 13 Management

Find out when Taylor is performing near you here.

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