Friday, February 25, 2011

New layout!

Hey everyone!! I've put up the new layout!! What do you think?? Please comment!! =D

Love Hira


  1. @Hira you're welcome ;)
    I was thinking that it maybe cool if the blog a facebook fanpage.

  2. @Jan: Ya! that'll be cool! :) I'll make it as soon as possible then I'll let u know! k? :)

  3. Hey I made it!

  4. @Hira cool. I just liked it. :)
    Sorry I haven't posted anything to the blog in a few days. I've been busy with school stuff. I 'll post soon though. :)

  5. hey Hira My name Is Mostafa from Egypt do you remember me .. and that is a very very nice layout.

  6. thanks. :)
    Is it ok if I put up a post about the fan page?

  7. @Angel_Ema94: Not really :/ I'm sorry! But thanks! :)
    @Jan: ya sure!

  8. @Hira: thanks.
    I found a app on facebook that'll import summaries of the posts on the blog to the fanpage , and sometimes it'll do it on ur facebook page. It's called Networked Blogs. I've used it b4 on my blog and it's pretty easy.

  9. @Jan: cool! I used it! It's gr8! thnx 4 telling me! =D

  10. @Hira you're welcome.I just followed the blog on it. u can add more than 1 blog to ur Networked Blogs profile.


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