Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breaking News: Justin's Hotel Room Broken Into!

It seems like nothing can stop a Bieber fan! Justin is busy touring overseas and recently had a concert in Liverpool, England. Once the concert was over, he returned to Hard Day's Night hotel, where he thought he was safe from the crowd that gathered outside the hotel. However, two girls outsmarted hotel security! They snuck in, stole housekeeping outfits and were let into JB's hotel room. Once inside, the girls tried to keep undercover, dusting and polishing tables. However, once Justin's team was in a different part of the suite, the girls started taking pictures of Justin's personal things with their phones and tried climbing into his bed. Someone noticed the odd behavior from the "housekeepers" and got them kicked out of the room and evicted from the property. Poor Justin was so upset by the incident that he decided to spend the night sleeping in his tour bus.

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