Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Justin Fans Storm Paris!

Sacre Bieber!
Justin Bieber, international teen singing sensation, is over in Paris to give the French a little taste of his World (2.0 coming soon!). And just like their American sisters, the French girls went absolutely crazy for Justin, like the was the best thing since snail and baguette! In fact, things got so nuts that the authorities had to be called.
Let JBeibz himself tell the story, via his Twitter:
"PARIS IS CRAZY!!! Had some interviews this morning with mags and radio. got to practice my french a little. But then the instore...there were thousands of kids at the instore and the police were not expecting it. they reorganized the crowd and we got it going but... after a little while the police stopped it and came in and said it was over and i had to leave. Sorry to any of the kids I didnt get to meet"
Seems like no matter where he goes, Justin causes mall frenzies — remember the insanity he started in Long Island last year?
But JB always makes sure to appease his fans. Watch him sing along to "Baby" from the balcony of this building while the crowd goes carazzzy below...

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