Sunday, February 14, 2010

February Contest!

I know it's kinda late but the February contest is.........(drum roll) Fan Videos!! You have to make fan videos of any disney artist song and upload it on youtube! Then send me the link on and I'll choose the best fan videos out of all the submissions! Please do participate and please be quick! The rules are:
  1. You can make using pics or  act them yourselves. It's your own  choice.
  2. Please no adult or offensive stuff. Keep it clean!
  3. Make a fan vid of a song of a Disney artist, not any other artist.
  4. The winners vid will be 'music video of the month' and will be put up for download on our site!
  5. If you want you can enter the site as many times as you want but with different vids not the same one!

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