Friday, February 26, 2010


Hey guys! Hope you are doing fine! First of all I'd like to thank Twilight Fan for helping me so much with updating the blog! Thanks a lot! Well I'd like to tell you guys that my finals are starting from 10 March which means that only 11 days are left! And as these are my 8th grade finals I have to work really hard because my future depends on that! So I won't be able to update this blog at all till 23 March! Please pray for me!! But I'll update it as soon as my exams are over! I'm also planning on opening another blog for designs (layouts, headers, icons....) and I'm working on it right now! It'll start after my exams! Hope my co-web will keep you updated with the latest news! I've also added some new pics to the gallery so you can take a look around there! You can also go through the previous posts on this site! I've removed the songs of the week & the music video of the month section from the site! As I didn't get any entries for the Fan Vid contest (disappointed ;( ) I'm not gonna post a contest for March and the Fan vid contest will also be the March contest! Please send your Fan vids!! This is your chance to make your creations be appreciated!! I hope you send your vids! Thanks!

Love HMDS <3


  1. You're welcome HMDS. I have my finals exams coming up too on the 9th to the 11. But I'll still help out.

  2. awww! tht's so nice of u! thnx so much!! but how come ur finals r just for 3 days? my finals r 4rm 10-22! wow! u r lucky! ;P


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