Saturday, February 13, 2010

Justin Bieber: School Principal!

Sign us up for detention!
We're no fans of "education" or especially "educators," especially boring fuddy-duddy principals. Unless they're Justin Bieber. Yes, Justin is a principal.
Well, he will be for one day, anyway! The luckiest kids ever, at the luckiest school ever, won a contest from radio station Power 106 to have JBiebz be their educator-in-chief! He'll be taking the reins at Northview High School in California, and hopefully making lots of changes!
Let's start with teachers. They all have to wear windswept JBiebz wigs. Especially the bald science teachers.
Now, moving onto chorus class. I think you know what changes he'll put in there.
Gym? Jumping up and down. During the Justin concert.
Math? Lonely girls - one lonely girl = One Less Lonely Girl.
History? Studying Canadian history that day!
Prom: Everyone has the same date. Justin Bieber!

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