Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Just In: Justin Bieber on SNL April 10!

We may only be two months into 2010, but we think it's safe to say this year is a good one for  Justin Bieber  -- he presented at the Grammys, performed at a Super Bowl bash, sang with his music idols on "We Are the World,"  he's guest-starring on School Gyrls tonight on TeenNick, and Bieber Fever is out of control around the world! The next stop on Justin's amazing adventure: the singer will be the musical guest on the April 10 episode of Saturday Night Live!
Justin can thank his fans, who circulated online petitions to get him on SNL and started a Twitter account @BieberOnSNL dedicated to seeing him sing on the show. Besides just performing, Justin's hoping he'll get to do an SNL Digital Short with the hilarious Andy Samberg.

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