Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deets on Justin's CSI Appearance!

Who dared to punch that beautiful mug!?
Justin Bieber recently tweeted this "badass" photo of him getting a serious shiner on the set of CSI. (Don't worry, it's just makeup.)
As for what's in store for his big performance, besides bruises? Well, just a day after it was announced that he was returning to reprise his role as troubled teen Jason, even more deets have leaked.

According to E! Online, the episode is called "Targets of Obsession" and is all about Justin's character tying up loose ends.
"His character, Jason McCann, will come into play again when Nick (George Eads) tracks him down to let him know he's in 'imminent danger,'" a reporter explains.

I can't wait for the episode to show.

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