Friday, January 21, 2011

Yikes -- Justin's Haircut Costs $750!

Perfect bangs don't come for free.

According to Life & Style magazine Justin Bieber's hair is far from an effortless "roll out of bed" style, costing $750 each time he goes in for a little snip snip. Wow!

"I usually cut his hair every couple weeks while he's on tour," his hairstylist Vanessa Price revealed, adding that she makes housecalls to touch up Justin's locks.
Do the math. If Justin really gets his hair cut every couple weeks, he spends $1,500 a month on his hair.

Wowza! Just imagine how he spends in a year cutting that famous locks of his.  Jeezz. Good thing he the most famous 16 boy on this planet.
Which comes out to *gasp* $18,000 a year. OMG! That's a lot of Bieberoonies to look so beautiful.

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