Tuesday, September 15, 2009

High School Musical 2 Fun Facts!

Here are some fun facts about Zac Efron, Vanessa Anne Hudgens and the movie High School Musical 2!

1. Ryan surpasses the original movie, and manages to wear 15 hats in High School Musical 2!
2. When Sharpay and Ryan are first driving to Lava Springs, the song on the radio is called You Got It, and is actually sung by the actor who plays Ryan - Lucas Grabeel himself!
3. 500 lanterns were used during the filming of Everyday.
4. When Troy's phone rings at the start of the film, when he is in his kitchen, the ringtone is "Getcha Head in the Game"!
5. The pink piano used in Fabulous was actually painted white and used in Everyday as well - it took 36 hours to dry!
6. It takes around 10-12 hours to build the stage set used in the Everyday number.
7. When Ryan hugs Sharpay after receiving the Star Dazzle Award, the star glued on top of the award trophy breaks off, but in the next shot it is fixed once again!
8. In order to make the grass look greener outside East High, (economically-friendly) green dye was used!
9. Ashley Tisdale required 11 and a half cans of hairspray to control her hair during the golf scene with Zac Efron.
10. For Sharpay's reprise of You are the Music in Me, the set and choreography was prepared and finalised in only 4 days!
11. The flower Sharpey wears in the finale All For One is actually the same one she wore in Bop to the Top!
12. Sharpay's license plate on her pink convertable reads "Fabulous".
13. Sharpay's pink locker and car were actually covered in pink vinyl.
14. The dance number I Don't Dance was reportedly inspired by Gene Kelly, who was a legendary choreographer, who actually taught Frank Sinatra to dance using baseball moves!
15. Sharpay remarks that Gabriella has moved schools each summer for the last five years...but she actually started at East High after Christmas vacation (and the ski trip!).
16. When Sharpay is in her dressing room during the Lava Springs Talent Show, taped onto her mirror are pictures from Bop to the Top from the first High School Musical movie.
17. In Troy and Gabriella's homeroom, when the couple are singing What Time Is It, there is a poster between them in the backgroun, which says "Twinkle Town", featuring pictures of Troy and Gabriella themselves

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