Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Star Card!

OK this is really fun! You've got to check it out! On the site BOP and Tiger Beat there is a new section in which you can make a star card and send it to your friend! You can choose any celeb you want, you can choose a background, stickers and you can add your words! It is so cool! If you do check it out please tell me your views! Below is the star card I made! My BFF and I both love Nick Jonas so this is me and her fighting over him! LOL!! :D BTW I'm the blonde one and she's the black haired one! :) Also if you make a star card, send the code to me (via e-mail) and I'll post it up on the blog! And I'll pick the star card of the month which will be posted on my site for the whole month! So if you wanna make your star card shine, send them over it to smashing.hira @gmail.com! Be creative.........

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