Sunday, September 6, 2009

HSM Mistakes!

High School Musical fans are notorious for spotting mistakes in the movie! Whether its a sneaky camera appearing in a shot or continuity issues with clothes and props, we love spotting those little mistakes!

So pop in your High School Musical DVD, follow this check-list and take a look at some of the mistakes spotted so far - did YOU notice them all?!

  • At the start of the film, when Troy's Mum tells him to go to the Young Adults party, his Dad gives him the basketball to hold, but when the camera flashes to his Mum then back to Troy, his Dad still has the ball.
  • Whilst Troy and Gabriella sing Start of Something New, the microphone switches from Troy's hand back to the microphone stand between shots.
  • When Troy is waiting outside homeroom for Gabriella to come out on the first day, Jason comes out and talks to him. Then when Gabriella has come out and they are talking, Jason comes out again!
  • When Troy runs away from Chad, to go to the auditions, he is wearing a belt, but when gets to the audition his belt is gone!
  • When Troy and Gabriella swap phones to put each other's phone numbers in, there is no way they press enough buttons for an entire number!
  • When Gabriella takes her picture on Troy's phone, she is looking directly at it, but when we see the shot of the phone when he phones her in Ms Darbus,s class, she is looking away from the camera.
  • In the first homeroom scene when Ms Darbus collects the cell-phones in the bucket, Troy closes his, but then we see it open, and see him close it again in another shot.
  • In the locker room scene with Troy Bolton, we see his sandwich switch from his hand, to his desk and change in shape a few times.
  • When the basketball team are leaving the gym, due to the "technical difficulties", to see the callbacks, you can clearly see a camera in bottom right-hand corner!
  • Whilst Troy is singing Breaking Free, his jacket goes from being zipped to unzipped a number of times.
  • During the performance of We're all in this Together you can see a camera in the distance!
  • Again, when Troy is running away from Chad to go to the auditions, his shoes change!
  • When Gabriella tells Ms Darbus she'd like to audition, Ms Darbus turns around to something Troy says a split second before he actually says it! (This is a tricky one to spot!)
  • During Stick to the Status Quo, you can see a camera reflected into the glass of the balcony, when Sharpay walks over it right at the beginning!
  • When the Hip-Hop girl is singing during Stick to the Status Quo, there is a milk carton with a straw in on her table, but when the camera pans out in the wider shots, there is no straw.
  • When the cast is singing Stick to the Status Quo, we see Sharpay walk down the stairs, but in a later shot she is back at the top!

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