Tuesday, September 15, 2009

High School Musical 2 Mistakes!

High School Musical 2 fans continue to spot those little mistakes in the movie! Whether its a reflected camera in Sharpay's sunglasses, or Zac Efron's changing sleeve length, these little mistakes are always noticed!
So pop in your High School Musical 2 DVD, follow this check-list and take a lot at some of the mistakes spotted so far - did YOU notice them all?!

1. In the homeroom scene before the song What Time Is It, when Jason asks Ms Darbus what her favourite summer memory is, you can see a book under Troy's desk, but the book is no longer there in the following or previous shots.
2. During I Don't Dance song and baseball game, we see Chad score the winning run, which ends the game, however Chad's team was up to bat first, so Ryan's team would be up to bat in the bottom of the inning before the game is over.
3. At the start of the songs Gotta Go My Own Way, we see Gabriella start to turn away from Troy twice - firstly in a shot from over Troy's shoulder and secondly in a side shot of the couple.
4. During the scene at Troy's house, if you look closely, no-one actually closes the fridge.
5. When Ryan and Sharpay are spying on Troy and Gabriella's picnic, the binoculars in Ryan's hands keep appearing and disappearing between camera shots.
6. When Troy requests that his burger has Swiss cheese on, Jason and Chad are the wait staff, both wearing blue shirts and white aprons. However when Troy's burger arrives in the kitchen, Jason is behind Zeke and is now wearing a green shirt and blue apron!
7. As Sharpay relaxes on her chaise before the song Fabulous begins, she is wearing platform sandals. However once the song starts, and she sings "A dip in the pool...a trip to the spa..." her feet are suddenly bare!
8. In the song Work This Out, there is a close-up of Troy singing "A way to have fun", where his name tag has disappeared, but it then re-appears as the song continues!
9. When Troy is playing basketball at Lava Springs, and Gabriella comes up to him, the length of his jacket sleeves keep changing, going from being all the way down to being pushed up to his elbows.
9. When Troy is looking into the water during his solo song Bet on It, his reflection is not reversed, as it should be!
10. During Troy's water reflections in Bet On It, the bottom button of his shirt is not fastened, but his reflection shows that it is fastened!
11. When Ryan and Sharpay's Dad gets out of the helicopter and is walking toward them, his golf club is firstly in his left hand and swung over his left shoulder, but in the next shot his golf club is in his right hand and over his right shoulder!
12. During the song Everyday, Troy's microphone keeps switching hands between camera shots.
13. After the cast sing Everyday, and the Star Dazzle award is given to Ryan, the star at the top breaks off! 14. If you look closely you can see Kelsi notice this, but not react! In the next shot the trophy is fixed!
15. As Troy and Gabriella stand on the grassy hill, after the song Everyday, and release their lanterns into the air, you can see the line attached to Troy's when the first blue firework explodes!

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