Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miley Upset About EP Early Release!

Well, we knew that Miley Cyrus’s EP “The Time of Our Lives” had been released early because we saw it in Wal-Mart and on 3 days before the August 31st release date. Fans seemed to be pretty excited that they could get their hands on it a few days early.

Miley on the other hand just posted to her twitter how bummed she was that it got put on shelves early.

She tweeted, “Kinda bummed. My E.P. got put on shelves wiff my clothing line and got released 3 days early on accident Thx 2 those who got the album ”

That is a bummer. But the seven-track disc sold 62,000 copies during the week of August 30th and it landed at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 Wednesday.

Was the early release of the EP a mistake? It doesn’t sound like it. A source told Reuters that the EP is tied in with her Miley & Max line. They went on to say, “In order to be prepared for street date, and subsequent assembly and stock placement of a huge number of display units, they put her CDs out early”.

Hmmmm, I think it would have been nice of Wal-mart to give Miley a heads up, don’t you think?

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