Sunday, September 6, 2009

HSM Fun Facts!

Sorry I havn't been posting anything about High School Musical! I've been a lot busy to post anything lately! Well anyway, here are some fun facts about High School Musical 1!

  • The green top Gabriella wears during Start of Something New didn't come with sparkles on! Those were added specially!
  • The extras used in the Start of Something New scene do not appear again anywhere in the movie!
  • The snowflakes falling outside the lodge were actually flakes of potato!
  • When we first meet Chad he is wearing 3 watches! This is because he was given 3 to choose from, but wanted them all!
  • The school in which High School Musical is filmed actually have red and white as their school colours! (Which came in very handy when producing the sets!)
  • Lucas Grabeel learnt all the moves to Getcha Head in the Game, even though he wasn't in the scene! It was his favourite dance!
  • Bart Johnson, who played Coach Bolton, watched basketball movies every day in order to prepare for his role.
  • A song and dance which was never written or produced, (because the movie would have been too long!), was a battle scene between Ms Dalton and Coach Bolton!
  • The Hip-Hop girl (a.k.a. Martha Cox!) in Stick to the Status Quo came to the auditions, and the director liked her so much, he gave her this role! Kaycee Stroh has now got a manager in Hollywood : how cool!
  • The chilli-fries that are dropped onto Sharpay were actually ice-cold!
  • The garden on the roof of the school was built specially for the film. Some of the plants are fake!
  • The framed picture of Coach Bolton when he younger, is actually a picture of Bart's nephew!
  • Did you know that Vanessa Anne Hudgens was home-schooled since 7th grade? So she never actually went to a high school!
  • On the day that Vanessa filmed When There Was Me and You, the basketball team all came to watch and sing to her, for support! How sweet!
  • Most of the milk-cartons in the cafeteria were actually filled with lemon-lime juice, as real milk would have gone off.
  • The day the crew were filming at Gabriella's house, they had to stop for a while, as fireworks started going off near-by!
  • The title High School Musical was just a working title, but it was so catchy it stuck!

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