Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ashley Tisdale's new blog!

"Hey Guys!!!!! So sorry I haven't written a blog in a log time. Been crazy busy with meetings for new projects coming up! First exciting news is my sister Jen had her baby 1 month ago. I an aunt!!!!! Baby Mikayla is the cutest, most beautiful baby. The whole family is so happy with the newest addition.

Second is I've joined the cast of Hellcats. I'm so excited for this project. I love the cast I'm working with and am so thrilled with the character I get to play.

I've also been doing tons of meetings with Blondie Girl Productions creating tons of ideas for reality and scripted tv shows ( none of which I'm in, just producing). It's an exciting and different process then I'm used to. I leave for Vancouver soon to shoot Hellcats but will always update you on my Twitter page. Thanks for all the support. I couldn't do what i love to do without you guys. Love you all so much!!!!! Ashley"

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