Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Last Song is almost here - and Miley and Liam's love is stronger than ever!

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So, it's no secret that Miley and Liam have total chemistry on-screen (or at least that's what we can see from the movie trailers!). But since they've been playing a couple in The Last Song, these two have been seen out and about holding hands and exchanging heart-felt kisses in public. Was their real-life chemistry there from the start? According to the couple, yes it was.
The first thing Miley noticed about Liam was something she couldn't help but look at when she spoke to him. "He has really pretty eyes-I think they're really pretty," she said. And Liam remembers what swept Miley off of her feet. "She always talks about the first time she met me and I opened the door for her," Liam said. And Miley's answer to that was, "I'm from the South! And that is right and chivalry is not dead!" Their chemistry is unexplainable but one thing is for sure -- we've been noticing that Miley can't help but keep smiling!
Check out the trailer for The Last Song below and tell us if you're psyched for the flick hitting theaters March 31st! Psst!

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