Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fan-Video Contest!!

I found some really cool fan-videos on youtube! As I couldn't ask each one of them if I could feature their videos on my blog than I apologize if anyone is angry! But full credit goes to the original maker and uploader of the vids, NOT ME!! Now there were sssssoooooo MANY Amazing vids that I couldn't decide which vid should I choose as the winner! So I chose some vids and nominated them for the best fan-vid poll! Vids are below so you can watch them and vote on the poll above!

Vid 1: I Won't Apologize

Vid 2: Naturally

Vid 3: Party In The USA

Vid 4: Trash

Vid 5: 7 Things
(I know this vid doesn't have any disney stars but I really liked the vid! It was a good plot and something different!)

Now here you have it! Five amazing fan-videos! Just vote on the poll above to vote for which you think is the best!!

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