Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Joe Jonas Tweets about his fave Demi song!


Last night, Joe played a quick game of 20 questions with his Twitter followers and guess he opened up about? His GF, Demi! Check out his answer when someone asked him what his fave Demi song was:
Picture 2.png
Picture 1.png

What's even more interesting is that on March 1, right when Joe and Demi started re-connecting, Demi Tweeted "You didn't forget..." so that totally could have been a message to Joe!
Plus, when asked what his fave Miley Cyrus song is, Joe answered: "I would say.. Climb. I think Miley Is so Talented. She deserves everything shes worked so hard for! love for miles!" That's so sweet that he still has support for Nick's ex, Mi!

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