Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did Justin Bieber Get Arrested?

JustinBieberFreeScooter.jpg Back on November 20, 2009, reported on the Justin Bieber Roosevelt Field Mall appearance in Long Island that turned into a riot. As one J-14 eyewitness told us, there were 3,000 fans waiting to see Justin, and police told the singer not to show up or he would be arrested. Justin's manager Scooter Braun, who is the only other person with access to Justin's Twitter, tweeted a warning to his fans. Just yesterday, Scooter was arrested for not tweeting the warning soon enough.

Justin gives J-14 his exclusive account of that day, explaining, "I wanted to go see my fans! I never want to let them down!" He also talks about how he found out about the pandemonium. "I was told if I showed up my mother and I would be arrested," he tells J-14. "I like to use Twitter to keep in touch with the fans. If I'm going someplace I think they should meet me, I'll tweet it."

Justin was spotted yesterday wearing a shirt that said, "Free Scooter" on it.

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  1. he is the one!!!!!!!!!and i thing that it's his right to have fans


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