Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!

 With a year that included traveling the world, playing to a sold out crowd in NYC's Madison Square Garden, singing for the President, and nabbing a kiss from Rihanna, it looks like 15 was a good one for Justin! Today, the singer celebrates his 16th birthday. Happy Birthday, Justin!
Fun Facts About Justin:
-  Justin is a huge animal lover! He's a spokesperson for Peta2 and told J-14 he adopted his papillion Sam in Atlanta when he was just a puppy!
- This cutie admits that he loves winter and playing in the snow! "I'm from Canada so I snowboard and play hockey," he tells J-14.
- People always ask Justin how he gets his hair so perfect, and the singer spilled only to J-14 what his trick is -- click here to watch a demo!

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