Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brenda's interview with Kidsay!!

Here's Brenda's whole interview with Kidsay!!!

How do you feel about working on "The Suite Life on Deck"?
I have so much fun. We have all become a family. I love London. I love literally stepping into her shoes every single day. I miss her when I am not playing her. Phill is like my second dad. The crew is really like a family. We have a good time.

Is your real life closet the same as it is on the show?
I wish. I think London is a little crazier than I am. I would take some of her pieces because I am a little more casual. I love some of her pieces, I especially love her shoes.

Ever since you have been famous, how has your life changed?
Not really. My two brothers drive me insane but they also keep me really sane. Especially when the show first came out, we didn't think anybody watched it. We would met people who watched the show and would have comments we would be so shocked. Because we had no idea. We just put so much love and hard work into the show. I haven't changed too much I get to do really cool things like come to New York and meet you guys.

Do people ever chase you in public?
I have had a couple of incidents. It is flattering, but it is a little crazy.

What is the best part about working with Dylan and Cole Sprouse?
They are becoming my brothers. I have two brothers myself so it is like having two sets of brothers all the time. We have really become a family so that is probably the best part.

Is being an actress your dream?
You know I am really lucky because who else gets to wake up and say they are living out their dream every day? It is what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. So I am so lucky. I get to star on a great show with a great cast.

Why don't they ever show your dad's face on TV?
I want my real dad to play my dad! It has been an ongoing joke. It started out they didnt know who to cast, so it has just became an ongoing joke that you never get to see Mr. Tipton ever.

In the show you had a sign that said Welcome Aliens. Do you really like aliens?
Of course! I mean for me personally there has to be more in this world than just us. That is the thing about astronomy that freaks me out. You look up in the sky and you see all those stars and you dont know where the galaxy ends. I definitely think there are aliens out there.

How do feel about being so rich on the show?
It is fun being rich on the show. Who wouldn't? I always say London and I are so different, but I would love to have her closet because her closet is infinite and it is like crazy.

Would you rather be rich or just normal and why?
I would rather just be me, rich or not. London comes to realize especially in the new show that money doesnt buy you happiness. You can't buy your friends. I am happy with my life.

How do you feel about your dog having a cell phone and a credit card on the show. Isn't that kind of silly?
It's silly, it is crazy cool. I have two puppies, Teddy Bear and Grizzly Bear and I cant imagine them having a credit card or a cell phone.

What was the funniest episode that you made?
Last week we had a magician on the show. We did all magic and he and London had a little romance. It was really cool because I love magic and it was fun to see the illusions and the tricks.

What famous person would you like to meet?
I have been really lucky and met some of my idols, but I would like to meet Anjelina Jolie. I love her because I love her humanitarian work.

Are there a lot of exciting things that happen on the show?Especially on this new show!
We have really taken the idea of living in a hotel and we have totally expanded on that by going to different ports, cultures, different characters so it is really really fun. We get stuck in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean.

We saw that you worked on a movie with Hulk Hogan how as that?
It was so long ago. I was so young, I was probably like 7. I dont really remember honestly, but he was really cool.

When you are filmng are you on a real cruise ship?
We are actually on the same stage and the same set as the "Suite Life of Zack and Cody." They literally tore down, you know where the big sky deck is? That is where the old lobby used to be. We did premiere the how on the Disney Cruise which was really really cool.

Were you excited when you were named All American Scholar in ninth grade?
I was because my dad is a second grade teacher. For him he says that education is the foundation for everything. Nobody can take away the things that you learn. I felt that when you were in school every day you turn the page, there were more things that you were learning. Nothing bad can come out from learning something. People dont realize if you dont know how to read you cant be an actress, you can't be a singer you can't write music, you can't read your scripts. That was a huge deal for me and graduating high school early was another huge thing for me and going to college, it was like a personal endeavor for me. Thats what I loved about school it was something I could do on my own. You are competitive with yourself. How far can I take myself how fast can I learn this. That was thing that kept me going because I get bored easily. I started reading really early.

Really cool!! Isn't it? Brenda is such a down to earth star!! I wish her all the best for her life! Look out for new episodes of "Suite Life On Deck" on Disney Channel!!

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