Monday, July 27, 2009

Hugh And Miley Team Up For "Personal Security"!

I am not sure how I missed this bit of news, but it looks like Hugh Jackman and Miley Cyrus are teaming up for a remake of “The Bodyguard” in “Personal Security”.
Hugh and Miley were spotted having lunch together a few weeks ago and people were speculating that he was offering her a role in the next X-Men movie. Now sources are saying they were talking about “Personal Security”.
Jackman will play a New York police detective hired to bodyguard a spoiled teen heiress (Cyrus) after she receives a kidnap threat.
The film is set for a release sometime in 2011. So that makes three movies for Miley Cyrus: The Last Song (which she is currently filming), Wings and Personal Security. She is one busy, busy girl!
Good Luck Miley!

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