Saturday, July 18, 2009

Miley tweets tons of pics!

In Miley’s interview with Ryan Seacrest, she said that she’s been tweeting like crazy and that’s no lie. She has! Not only has she been tweeting a lot, but she’s been uploading quite a few pictures. Here’s the latest one.

With this picture, she tweeted, “This is lame stuff single people do. They give themselves "get well soon" flowers.Whatevs :)”. So, Miley is still claiming she’s single. Do you think Nick Jonas broke her heart? It definitely seemed like they were together and her recent tweets seemed aimed at someone who broke her heart. I hope Nick didn’t break her heart!

In another twitpic, Miley tweeted, "When the hour is upon us, and our beauty surely gone…. No you will not be forgotten."
And she uploaded this picture for @heidimontag.

What a cute pink dress! And last, but not least, Miley decorated her little old man shoes. She tweeted, “just decorated my "little old man" shoes with smiley stickers! Made me happy :)”

Do you like Miley’s little old man shoes? They sure look comfy and since she’s been so sick, I bet she’s been hanging around in them alot. Miley said that this cold is the worst. She tweeted, “This stupid cold is the worst thing ever. I can’t eat, sleep, or sing. My 3 favorite things in the whole wide world! SO NOT COOL.”
Get to feeling better Miley!

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