Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miley to Star as Batgirl?!!

The scene is set. The Joker has finally got them now: Batman and Robin, trapped, with nowhere to run. It seems like it's all over until... Miley to the rescue! Yes at least one internet report claims that Miley Cyrus, looking to become a "serious" actress after years on Hannah Montana, is working hard to get the role of Batgirl in the sequel to the super hero hit, The Dark Knight! Sources told The Globe that Miles showed up at Warner Brothers in full Batgirl costume to try and convince the producers. One insider said she even wrote some dialogue to show off her acting skills! Well, she's already an expert on hiding her identity from her Hannah days, so we're pretty sure she could pull off that part of it. But all the fighting scenes? We'd pay big money to see Miley kick some butt! What do YOU think...

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