Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miley's Interview With The Dallas Star Telegram!

The Dallas Star Telegram sat down with Miley Cyrus while she was in Manhattan recently. They talked about everything from her music influences, what she would do if she wasn’t in show business and what she does to relax and have fun.

On her musical inspirations: I love Coldplay and the Killers and John Lennon — all dudes, because I have a low voice. I do, I like that sound because it is a little more edgy.

On the best and worst thing about being famous: The best thing is the traveling and meeting new people, and the worst thing is the traveling. It is the best and worst because I am away from home all the time. Also it is fun to meet new people and see new things and go places that you probably wouldn’t be able to go.

On what else she would do if she wasn’t in show business: I would like to be a photographer. And, honestly, I am the worst painter, but if I could be anything I would want to be a painter, but I can’t paint so that X’s that out. I really wish I could draw well because I just think it is the coolest. My brother’s roommate is a painter, so that is what I would like to do.

On what she does to relax and have fun: I love playing my guitar. I always have my guitar with me. That is my favorite thing, is writing the music.

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