Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Demi Trace Split Up!!

Guess Tremi is no more. Sad!Even though they NEVER publicly admitted to dating, Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus certainly tweeted up a storm for a while (click here for some of their love twootin'). But in the end, it just didn't work out."I'm always on the other side of the world and so is she, so it just seemed like something that can't work out at this time," said Trace (who's touring with his band Metro Station). "We gave it a shot and that's all you can do."Just recently, there was some back-and-forth tweeting between the two, hinting at sour times (Trace posted a pic of his ex-gf. And Demi responded with "is that supposed to hurt?").But Trace, who's 20 (Demi is 16) mainly hinted that maturity issues played a role in the split. "When someone is that much younger, you're looking for different things in relationships. Maybe when she's older and we've both matured, we'll be looking for the same thing and it can work out." Um, no offense, Trace. But we know a lot of 20 year-old guys who have the maturity of a toddler. Excuses, excuses dude!

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