Friday, July 17, 2009

Demi's summer hair tip!

It’s no secret that along with being SUPER talented, Demi Lovato is also one of the most stylish girls on the scene. You’d think that the actress/singer superstar must put in a TON of time in order to look the way she does. But, guess what? You’d be wrong! Turns out Demi really believes less is more - especially in the summertime. She also believes that bad hair days don’t happen as often when you don’t do much to your hair to begin with. “My hair is actually pretty wavy,” she says, “I’ll scrunch it a lot. In the summertime I never straighten my hair or anything. I don’t even blow-dry it. It’s so easy!” Great tip, Demi! We’ll be sure to remember that. Do YOU have any secret hair tips? Share them HERE!

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