Monday, July 20, 2009

“Joe Jonas’ New Hairstyle Explained: We Uncover The Mystery Behind The Locks”

The Joe Jonas we’ve all grown to love is not the same man we were first introduced to. The Joe we first met used to straighten his hair. But, in the last few months the 19-year-old heartthrob has done away with the flat iron and decided to embrace his naturally curly locks. It’s a look already rocked by both brothers Kevin and Nick.
So when MTV News met up with the guys on Wednesday, they took it upon themselves to find out why Joe’s been embracing that fetching new hairstyle. “You know what happened?” eldest brother, Kevin explained to MTV News. “One day he went to the beach and just like the salt water I think it messed up your hair because it all of a sudden became curly.”
Both Nick and Kevin agree that it looks “good” and “awesome.” Plus, it’s probably a lot less maintenance and that’s always a plus in hot, humid summer weather and during an intense summer tour.
We have to say we love the new look. We think it makes him look dashing and mature. But, it’s hard not to like something the JoBros are sporting.

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  1. I love joe jonas soo much!!!<3 he's soo hott and he is definitly my fav jonas!! <33333


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