Friday, July 24, 2009

No, Nick and Miley are NOT ENGAGED!!

Okay people, you have to stop believing everything you read about Miley Cyrus. What you see on the gossip sites is just that…gossip.
Miley has once again had to deny rumors via twitter. What’s going on exactly? It has hit the internet waves that Nick Jonas gave Miley Cyrus a $75,000 ring. Is it true? Here’s what Miley had to say via twitter:
Sooo I woke up this morning and thought I’d check up on the daily gossip and apparently Nick Jonas gave me a $75,000 ring? Its all true. Ha!
Come on people…don’t believe everything you read. Miley tweeted again saying:
P.S. My last tweet was very sarcastic.Don’t believe anything until I tweet it (Unless its good news of course hehe)
So, there you go. Another ridiculous Miley Cyrus rumor squashed by the girl herself.

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