Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Demi Lovato: "I was frustated!"

Demi Lovato was the guest on the MySpace Music Feed and let all of her fans in on what’s been going on with her life lately, including how EXCITED the rock star / actress is for her second album “Here We Go Again to come out TOMORROW! This album is sure to be a lot happier since there aren’t as many songs about heartbreak. “The last album, there were a lot of songs about heartbreak in there,” Demi shared, “I was frustrated and wanted to get a lot of emotions out. I think over the past year I’ve learned more about myself and I’ve learned more about songwriting and how to deal with certain situations. I just really wanted [the new album] to represent the year’s time that I was, you know, growing.” Way to go, Demi! We can’t WAIT to hear how much you’ve grown too! Are YOU excited for her album “Here We Go Again” to come out TOMORROW? Let us know

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