Tuesday, July 21, 2009

JB Charms NY!!!

It was a far cry from the arenas the Jonas Brothers are accustomed to selling out, but there was just as much excitement in the air as anxious Jo Bros fans filed into the PC Richard and Son Theater in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood Monday afternoon.
Fans from age 4 to 40 (and above) were lined up before dawn, standing under the hot sun eagerly anticipating the brothers taking the stage. As Nick, Kevin and Joe’s pictures graced the video screen before the show kicked off, little woots and hollers erupted from many a ‘tween – high-pitched screams that only some dogs could hear.
The brothers kicked off the show with their latest single, “Paranoid,” and it was almost hard to hear Nick singing over the chorus of adolescent girls. Little girls on daddy and mommy’s shoulders craned their necks to get a glimpse of the trio of good-looking Jersey boys over the camera phones held in the air. A mother in the back of the audience reminisced, “Remember going to concerts back in the day and holding up lighters?” – a nod to the technology of the ‘tweens – each one with his or her own device capturing the concert while simultaneously providing a little light.
The Jonas Brothers played the fun, upbeat tracks “That’s Just the Way We Roll” and “Play My Music” before Nick sat down at the piano for the fourth song, a slower tune form the latest album called “Much Better.”
Then Joe asked the audience, “Who’s ready to go to the year 3000?” before launching into the song, “Year 3000,” after which he accused the moms and dads in the audience of dancing in the back, trying to stay away from the crowd at the front.
The boys told the audience that they were proud of their latest album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, which is certainly much more mature than their previous efforts. But with 19-year old Joe and Nick at only 16, some of the content of their new music seems almost too mature. Cue “World War III” – a song they encouraged everyone to dance to, even though it talks about fighting with your loved one. A little mature for a teenage relationship, or perhaps a vision of the marital bliss that newly-engaged Kevin Jonas will soon know all too well.
They slow things down with “I Gotta Find You” from the movie Camp Rock followed by “Turn Right” from the latest album – both songs that every screaming girl in the audience knew verbatim.
It’s no secret that The Jonas Brothers are not the most talented singers or musicians on the planet. But what they lack in vocal talent they make up for tenfold in the way they interact with their adoring fans – smiling and winking at them and making every girl in the room hope that she just might have a shot with one of the two still single Jonas Brothers.
“We are on tour right now,” Nick told the intimate crowd of 200. “Our first world tour… To think that 3 or 4 years ago we were playing in venues where maybe ten people showed up… All because of you guys!” The Brothers then sang what has become a sort of anthem to the fans, “When You Look Me in the Eyes.”
The highlight of the performance came when Jordin Sparks made a surprise appearance – to the enthusiastic delight of the crowd. She joined the Jonas Brothers onstage (Nick on drums) to perform her hit “Battlefield” – as well as promote her album, which hits stores Tuesday. “Have a great set!” she told the guys as she exited the stage after wowing the crowd with her stellar voice, adding that she hoped that everyone would “pick up a copy or five” of her new album.
Excited girls passed notes and signs and handmade drawings to the stage, and the Jonas Brothers even made fun of themselves, it seemed, when they asked, “Where’s all the parents in the room? Show your kids you still got it!” before covering Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.”
The brothers closed the show with a song they wrote in New York City, “Lovebug,” a sweet, albeit sophomoric ode to falling in love that any generation of listener could relate to. And when it comes to the sweet, innocent, and adorably cute Jonas Brothers, what’s not to love?

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